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How much to go on a yacht ride in Dubai

Dubai is famous for its Yacht rides and ease at which these luxury vessels are available. Due to the frequency of the usage and the services, Yachts in Dubai are not only for the rich and influential but they are also available for common people at affordable rates. At Champions yachts, Dubai we offer the best and the most services in each of our packages with such affordable rates. Let give you a fair idea about what we can offer and how it’s the most affordable.

We have 220 ft, 500 pax megayacht which can be booked on an hourly basis for just 12,500 AED! You can even book the same megayacht for just 75,000 AED for an 8 hour Trip. We even have a 200 pax megayacht for just 5000 AED for an hour and 30,000 AED for 8 hours. When it comes to the personal yachting segment we have 25 pax luxury cruise and 12 pax luxury cruise at just 750 AED and 450 AED for hourly bookings. You can even book the same 25 pax luxury cruise and 12 pax luxury cruise at 7500 AED and 4500 AED for whole 24 hours! Apart from those we have yachts of all size and capacities that come in between the largest and the smallest at extremely fair prices.

When it comes to diner cruise packages we have some really stuffed packages at affordable prices. Our premium queens package offers Bespoke 5 Course Sit Down or Gourmet Menu, rare wines, Silver Plate – White Glove Service and much more at just 1295 AED. Whereas our standard packages are just 295 AED with Buffet /BBQ/ Canapés, Unlimited Standard Drinks for 4 Hours and much more. We also have premium and royal packages with Buffet /BBQ/ Canapés, Unlimited Fine Wines, DJ, Hostess, Gourmet Boutique Meals, and many other facilities.

We even offer a solo meal and drinks packages with our yacht rental and overnight stay. You can get a Bespoke 5 Course Sit down Meal, Silver Plate – White Glove Service for minimum 15 guests at just 595 AED. If you want to settle for a more affordable option, then we offer the standard five-star meals at just 145 AED for minimum 50 guests with Buffet /BBQ/ Canapés.

The best part about the services provided by the champions Yachts is that they can be fully customized according to your preferences which are not usually offered by any other yacht services. We also have exclusive trips for Burj al Arab, Palm Jumeirah and world islands for sightseeing and dinning. Some of the prime facilities offered by our yachts are Jacuzzis, hydraulic canopies, SPA’s, Sauna, Multiple diners, Cinema halls, Gadget savvy rooms, Dance floor, Open bars and a plethora of other premium services.

To make the place look absolutely stunning, we even have IPad controlled Intelligent Automated Yacht Management System. It has 1000 + Color Changing RGB Lights at underwater areas of the pool, deck, and interiors. We have been operating in Dubai for more than a decade and have one of the most soughed out crews. We have always given importance to the optimum security standards which have resulted in all successful trips.

Our packages have also included all forms of watersports for those action enthusiasts. Zorbing, parasailing, surfing, thunder wave, jet skis, and many such options will be there for you to choose from. We entertain all types of gatherings which include and is not limited to, birthday parties, bachelor parties, Honeymoons, yacht weddings, sunset cruise dinner etc. We have trained our staffs to competently handle the nuances of both solo trips, friendly gatherings, corporate gatherings, parties and family trips.

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