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How to prepare for a Flight

Flying on an airplane today can be more of a hassle than a convenience. One of the areas where you can encounter difficulties is the security checkpoint. There are some things you cannot take with you when flying on a plane. Perhaps, your flight and baggage checking may also be expensive. These and many more are the areas where you might find trouble dealing with while preparing for a flight.

There are lots of people flying every day to long and short distances. In fact, many people prefer a travel by air to a travel by road. This is more of the reason why you have to become a smart-traveler. Becoming a smart-traveler would mean that you are getting through the security section quickly and efficiently. It would also mean that are getting on your plane as of when due and landing at your preferred destination as expected.

How can you be a smart traveler?

1.     Book your airport parking space ahead of time

I often recommend that air travelers should book a parking space for their cars ahead of time. There are some airlines that are typically crowded and usually characterized by scarcity of parking spaces. Such airlines include LGA, LAX, EWR, and JFK. So, don’t wait and assume there are lots of parking spaces. The best way is to book via the website prior to your traveling date. In fact, booking earlier saves you some bucks!

2.     Prepare and arrange your credentials early

Another aspect I often emphasis for travelers is packing and arrangement of necessary credentials. Since you are traveling by air, you should know the type of identifications you will need for verification. The common IDs include the passport, identity card, and Visa. Find out the forms of identification needed/required via the Transportation Safety Administration’s website. Likewise, keep your IDs where you can easily access them before your flight because you may need to provide them for security verifications.

3.     Pack accordingly

It is also worthwhile to know what you can and cannot have on an airplane. This will save you a lot of headaches and even allow you to get through the security quickly. I have seen cases where people park liquids, such as shampoos, contact solution, soaps, and makeup kits with them. While I am not against this, you should, however, be aware that these substances are not allowed in their original containers. Instead, you should place them in 3-ounce or smaller bottles.

Approaching the security with your liquid substances

After transferring your liquids to a bottle, place the bottle in a one-quart clear plastic and then into a zip-lock bag. When you approach the security center, you will need to place the zip-lock back into a security bin for scanning. Therefore, have your zip-lock bag somewhere handy in order to avoid delay.

Tips for packing

Now that you have booked your parking space and identified what you can or cannot take along for your flight, let me give you some tips for packing. As I frequently advise, it is wise to park light yet enough. So, here are the basic packing tips you should know.

·        Always check baggage allowance in your airline tickets.

Check the itinerary receipt of your airline to uncover the allowances payable for loads and luggage. This is usually included as extra information for passengers. Don’t make the mistake of not checking this beforehand. This will save you the stress of bringing the wrong luggage.

Typically, most international airlines allow only one checked-in luggage. A checking-in luggage should normally weigh between 20-23 kg. Apart from this one checked-in bad, you are usually allowed to bring with a hand-carry luggage that can be placed at the aircraft overhead cabin. The average weight for this type of bag is between 7 and 12 kg.

Furthermore, both men and women are also permitted to carry a small item like a purse, laptop or other personal small items. In this case, make sure you get your important documents and credentials in such a bag.

·        Look for the right luggage bag and containers.

There are lots of smart carry-on bags out there for you. Many manufacturers are now producing smart carry-on bags purposely for flight travels. From my common experience, most checked-in baggage has roller trolleys which ease the mobility of travelers. Make sure you choose the one with the right features and better suit you.

Backpacks are my personal favorite due to its easy-to-retrieve access feature and easy-to-carry features. Reduce your luggage items by using the vacuum bags and other related packing devices. This will help you maximize your spaces and allow you to travel with enough items without costing you extra.

·        Watch what you pack!

Every airline has a distinct set of rules when it comes to the items in your luggage. If possible, don’t overlook having a list of the items you packed in your luggage. Some flight travel customs may require this list in order to ensure that you are not carrying or transferring illegal or hazardous items.

When arranging your contents inside the bad, always be conscious of the functions of the items. In another word, arrange your loads according to your use. Worthy to say, don’t bring your whole house when packing. Likewise, it is not a must that your bag becomes filled up!


Flight travel is quite different from road. Once you take off, you may not be able to back and retrieve anything you left behind. This is why you need to plan and prepare adequately. Be a smart traveler; book a parking space ahead of time to avoid a late-hour rush, park lightly yet enough, and arrange your items according to their relative use. Confirm what you can or cannot take along for a flight travel and ascertain the allowance payable for luggage ahead of your travel.

The Transportation Safety Administration works tirelessly to ensure that you and other travelers are safe. This is why they do extra in terms of security and load restrictions to ensure the safety of flyers worldwide. I hope this piece has helped you a lot.

Aron Carl

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