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How to resolve the sound problem with Roku media player

Roku is a type of media player device for TV channels. Roku Media Player allows you to search, browse and play content from your local network as well as media servers on USB. It supports media servers like Twonky, Windows Media Player, Plex, and Tversity. Roku Media Player lets you view photos and videos and play music via your Roku using a USB thumb drive. If you are running a compatible network server on a computer, you can stream photos, videos, and music from the computer on the same network. The Roku does not offer any media servers specifically for this app. The sound is the main process for the Roku device because with the video you want to hear the sound. Sometimes the Roku user face problem with the sound. They can’t be able to solve this Media player or Roku device issue. Many troubleshooting options are available to fix the problem. These are provided by the Roku Com Link. You can do this by following these simple steps.

Check High-Definition Multimedia Interface connection

A defective HDMI connection may be the reason behind the bad audio from your Stop player. Check that your HDMI cable is plugged properly in both the TV and your player. If you are using an overall cable to connect to your TV. Then make sure that the audio connector is connected to the correct port on both TV and Roku players.


Searching For the Roku audio setting

Open the Roku media player menu with the help of remote. Go to the Home and scroll down for search the setting. In this, you have to click the setting option and scroll down for searching the Audio option. Then click on this and your audio setting window is open.


Select the Roku media player audio mode

After reaching on the audio window you have to scroll down and select for the audio mode option. Now you can see the stereo and auto option after select the audio mode. Choose the stereo option and select this with the help of Roku remote select button. This stops any error from your Roku media player automatically.

Select the HDMI option

Now you have to go back in the audio setting menu. Select the HDMI option using Trackpad. Now you can change any HDMI setting which is suitable for your media device and provide good sound. Now your Roku device problem is fixed and you can be able to hear the best quality of sound.

Connector issue

Sometimes your  HDMI cable is damaged and face problem with the sound. In this case, you have to replace the HDMI cable. Select for a best quality HDMI cable. Always check your HDMI connector because it fails then your problem is hard to fix. In this case, you can take a step to change the device.

Many types of solution are available for Roku devices. Roku com link provides the best solution. You can easily connect with them. The best technical staff is available for the online and offline solution. You can connect with the telephone medium. Support executives are well qualified.


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