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Important Tips from Lawyer Before Applying For UK Visa From India

There is no doubt that finding a new immigration attorney can make a difference to your case when you plan to apply for a UK visa from India.  While many of them are honest and hardworking professionals, the rest may not be reliable. A lawyer with inadequate knowledge of the immigration laws may not provide you with the services you need. Moreover, they can ruin your plan to immigrate to the UK. Whether you are trying to get a visa for going to the UK or trying to get some other benefits of immigration, try to seek the services of a genuine lawyer.

The following tips can help you to know more about immigration lawyers when you plan to visit the UK.

  • Research and referral

Research and referral

The website of the Home Office is one of the best places to find legitimate law practitioners and firms. Make sure the lawyer works under the regulation of SRA and OISC and the latter has three levels of certification. Apart from this, you can ask for referrals from your friends who have already consulted lawyers for visiting the UK, your colleagues, and do not miss the online reviews as well. You may find people who have endured a similar process of application as yours and can provide feedback for the services they used. Do not forget to check the online reviews when you need a lawyer as the review itself can show that the lawyer has been expelled by the Bar Council, thereby enabling you to save a meeting with the wrong person.

  • Dealing with a lawyer

Dealing with a lawyer

You must trust the services of a legal firm specializing in immigration issues instead of visa consultants or other services that promise you to offer the services when you need UK business visa from India. Unfortunately, there are several non-law firms that may claim their expertise but do not have an idea about the complexity of the visa and immigration procedures. Many of them are not going to help you beyond the typing services you need, and in the worst case, they may also run away with the money you give them for securing the services you need. If the money is utilized in a bad way, you can be a victim of wrong circumstances, and your entire plan for visiting the UK can be ruined forever.


  • Communicating with new firms

new firms

Once you have shortlisted the firms that offer immigration service to the visa applicants, you must call them to check whether they can meet your needs, and have the necessary experience to handle your case.  Apart from this, you must try to get an idea about the way in which these firms work and whether it is a convenient option in your case. Remember that a good lawyer is professional and has a pleasant approach.


  • Stay away from unrealistic promises

unrealistic promises

Not even the best in the field of immigration law can guarantee you with success as the outcome of the case is up to the judge. When the attorneys claim that they have a hundred percent success rate, you need to evaluate the outcome more closely. Remember that the immigration laws of the UK are complicated and every client has a unique circumstance that can impact the application, and stay away from those firms that offer unreasonable promises and guarantees. Ideally, a good lawyer must offer good and honest advice to the customers so that you know where you stand as far as obtaining the visa is concerned.


  • Fee structure


Just as your needs are different for obtaining a visa to the UK from India, the services of the lawyers are also going to vary. Try to agree to a fixed fee structure before procuring the services of the immigration law firm so that you are not charged extra and beyond your means towards the end. If you choose a lawyer based on hourly fees, you may not know how the amount is going to add up towards the end.


  • Consulting with an attorney


Once you have chosen an immigration firm, you must consult with the attorney. As your circumstances may be different from the rest of the clients they handle, it may be difficult and challenging for them to provide any guidance without reviewing the documents or understanding the history of your case along with the reasons for visiting the UK. A consultation is the best way to allow your lawyer to evaluate the case in detail for offering customized service. It also helps you to determine whether you can trust their services and feel comfortable working with them.


  • Organizing the papers


When it comes to something as critical as a visa application to the UK, the documents are going to play a significant role. As it takes a lot of time to get through the visa routes, the sooner you prepare the document, the better it is for you to fulfill the process of application. On the other hand, the documents you need are based on the visa route, so it is necessary to check with the website of the Home office and consult with an immigration lawyer, Surely, it will provide you with the focus to find out the right lawyer you need.


Comparing the services


Most of the immigration lawyers remain busy, but you must find time to talk to the office staff to gauge their commitment towards the clients. Ideally, you should speak to a few attorneys and compare their services to get an idea of their work philosophies and approach before you know whether the service will be a good fit for your case or not. Applying for a visa is a stressful procedure, but when a good lawyer represents your case, you can make this onerous task smoother and easier.



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