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Learn How To Make More Money With Greeting Cards

Making and selling custom-made greeting cards is a fulfilling and fun approach to make cash at home. In any case, breaking into the business takes a great deal of tolerance and time. Spend for a little while setting up your item and thinking about your market before endeavoring to break into bigger organizations.

Making Hand Stamped Cards

Many elastic stampers appreciate utilizing their stepping abilities to make greeting cards. Birthday celebrations, weddings, commemorations, births, and numerous other unique dates would all be able to be set apart with an uncommon hand stepped greeting card. What’s more, there are various different events when a card is highly refreshing, for example, basic ‘considering you’ cards through to the more surprising ‘on your separation’.

Incredible Project for Beginners

Making elastic stepped greeting cards are a superb task for fledglings. They present a perfect chance to hone new strategies or utilize a scope of various stamps and they additionally are an awesome method to create stand-out cards which cost significantly less than their locally acquired choices. Making 3D Pop up greeting cards isn’t troublesome and a novice can deliver some exquisite cards given next to no in the method for unique gear or extravagant procedures. Here are a few hints to enable tenderfoots to design their first greeting card ventures.

Stepping Technique

There are preferences to the two methods and the decision will to a great extent rely upon the kind of venture and the coveted completed impact.

Focal points of stepping specifically onto the card:

  • It is snappier to do
  • This is useful for basic and uncluttered structures
  • Less paper or cardstock is required

Points of interest of stepping onto paper or cardstock first:

  • A misty or uneven stepped picture won’t result in the card being destroyed
  • Different stepped pictures or arrangement impacts can be accomplished without the need to cover pictures
  • A decent method to go through miscellaneous items
  • This is especially viable for layering to give 3d or finished completions

Applying Images to Cards

In the event that pictures have been stepped onto paper or cardstock preceding being appended to the card, they should be connected to the card with the goal that the final product looks all around planned. Giving the paper or cardstock a designed edge can help give an expert wrap up. This can be accomplished in various ways:

Tearing: Tearing paper gives a finished edge and this can be shaded to supplement the completed plan.

Example Edge Scissors: Scissors that cut leaving a designed edge are accessible in numerous styles and these are a helpful method to include design consistently.


A decent shading plan can help make the ideal card. Some essential standards, for example, utilizing pastel hues for children are methods for characterizing a structure for the card. Shading can be included various ways including utilizing hued paper or cardstock and shading pictures. Chalks, inks, and marker pens are on the whole great methods for adding shading to a stepped picture and create diverse completed impacts:

Chalks: These give delicate shading and are great where unpretentious or quieted shades are required.

Inks: Some inks can be utilized as paints and can be painted onto pictures. The hues can be weakened to create light hues or utilized straight from the cushion for more profound shades.

Marker Pens: Special marker pens can be obtained for shading stepped pictures, albeit ordinary marker pens function admirably as well. These give rich hues in dynamic shades.

Emblazoning: Embossing powders are accessible in an extensive variety of hues and convey an expert touch to cards. Inconspicuous impacts can be accomplished by clear emblazoning powder over a reasonable ink as this marginally extends the shade of the cardstock.


Paper or cardstock embellishments can be made utilizing a specialty or paper punch. This can be utilized to punch out shapes which can be added to the cards. Add embellishments to cards with paste dabs for a raised picture and to offer profundity to the card.


Content is a vital component in a greeting, the correct supposition tells the beneficiary how you feel and makes the handmade cards additional unique. While it is incredible to claim content elastic stamps for each event. The fact of the matter is frequently altogether different. This opens up an entire scope of content open doors that can function admirably with any elastic stepped greeting card venture.

Configuration Tips

  • Toning it down would be ideal! A to a great degree powerful card can be made by utilizing a little stamp on an extensive plain sheet of card.
  • Embroidered artwork stamps can be utilized to make wreaths or edges for cards.
  • For a formal impact have a go at spreading the stepped plans out structuredly. For example, equitably dispersed in lines or sections.


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