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10 low cost airlines flying to Portugal

When you think of low cost flights can you only remember Ryanair? While being right, there are many other companies – and destinations! – to explore.

The low cost were subject to tremendous growth in Portugal in recent years. If a decade ago this was a phenomenon far removed from the reality of the Portuguese, today it is almost inconceivable to plan a vacation without looking for flights in the low-cost airlines to operate in Portugal.

Ryanair, being the best known, is not the only one. And because we want to always find the cheapest flights, we share a list of low cost carriers based in Lisbon, Porto, Faro, Funchal and Ponta Delgada airports.



Let’s start with the queen of the low cost. The Ryanair operates the airports of Porto, Lisbon, Faro and Ponta Delgada and currently has 75 active European routes (35 through the base of Porto, 31 of Faro and 9 of the Lisbon). From Ponta Delgada it is possible to fly to Lisbon and Porto.

Ryanair is by far the low-cost airline with the largest number of destinations in our country. Barcelona, Madrid, Bordeaux, Paris, Munich, Manchester, Dublin, Stockholm, Cologne …. The list of flights is endless.


The Easyjet is another of the best-known companies and is also present in Porto, Lisbon, Faro and Funchal, prefazendo about 40 low-cost routes to multiple destinations. It is a good alternative for those who want to travel to Bilbao, Basel, Lyon or Geneva, and at the base of Lisbon also fly to Funchal.


The Flybe is a low cost small-scale company that flies to the UK. It is present in the airports of Porto and Faro with one and two destinations, respectively: Birmingham in the case of Invicta, Southampton and Exeter, in the Algarve base.


Already Germanwings, sister low cost giant Lufthansa, may be an option to consider for those who want to fly to Germany. The company operates two destinations in Lisbon (Cologne and Stuttgart) and three in Faro (Cologne, Stuttgart and Hamburg). Germanwings are offering special discounts for UK citizen who are intending to visit Barcelona. They offering special discounts on business class flights to Barcelona Spain from UK.


The is another low cost with flights to the UK operating in Faro due to the large number of residents in the Algarve arising from these parts. There are flights to Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, Belfast, Edinburgh and 3 other destinations. also has a base in Funchal with flights to Leeds and Manchester.


Compared to the Monarch low cost airline, the story is repeated: base in Faro and 5 destinations in the United Kingdom: Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, East Midlands and London.


If you want to fly to the Nordic countries, Norwegian is your company. This low cost is based on the airports of Lisbon (2 destinations) and Faro (4 destinations) and flies to Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm, and on the Algarve base there is also a route to London.


The Rouge is, of all 11 names in this list, the most recent in Portugal. Based in Lisbon, this new line of Air Canada settled in June 2014 and established the first low-cost intercontinental route in the Portuguese capital. The destiny? Toronto.


The airline Transavia is present in the airports of Porto, Lisbon, Faro, Ponta Delgada and Funchal, prefiguring more than 15 active routes. Lyon, Nantes, Paris, Amsterdam or Rotterdam are some of the destinations of the Dutch operator. From Funchal it is also possible to fly to the city of Porto.


The TUIfly is in the Algarve and at target 5 German cities. From Faro you can fly to Hannover, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Munich!


Author of this content is a great blogger Yousuf A. Raza who loves guest blogging and content marketing. Currently, He is working as a digital marketing expert at Travangelo Ltd. You can catch him at Facebook and Twitter to learn more about him.


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