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How to make a mobility scooter go faster?

Faster moving vehicles are always eye of attraction for many users. But for mobility scooters speed is not only the factor of attraction. Mobility scooters are manufactured for physical disable persons with proper safety and security. Therefore, the speed in a mobility scooter is limited to some extent as it may not cause any danger to the person who rides it. For your question of “How to make a mobility scooter go faster?” we provide some steps with which you can make it possible. You have to read these steps in depth in order to get proper idea on it.

Steps for Making Mobility Scooter Go Faster

There are following steps which are given below to make your mobility scooter go faster:

Add a Battery for Speed

Adding an extra battery can boost the power may help you to increase the speed of your mobility scooter according to choice. Because adding an extra battery gives extra power to the electric circuits so that they work properly. When you add the battery you will feel the increase in speed and higher performance rate in the mobility scooter. You can also replace the current battery with higher voltage battery in order to increase the speed. If you have budget in hands you can add extra battery on mobility scooters.  This will surely increase the speed of your mobility scooter. With the faster ride experience it also run for longer period of time. If you want to ride the mobility scooter on hills then you have to search for best electric scooter for climbing hills instead of battery.

Rewinding Scooter Motor

The powerful motor has complex mechanism with which it can boost and provide energy to the scooter. In order to get work done, you have to rewind the coil of a brushed motor so that it can affect the performance of the motor. It will decrease the windings that occur per coil which will surely increase the speed of mobility scooter. Less torque will generate which provides the higher revolution per cycle. You have to take proper precautions while doing this sort of work. This can be done by high professional person who read the mechanism of motors deeply.

Remove Speed Limiter

The mobility scooters have built in installed motor with powerful torque performance. Due to the mobility manufacture criteria the speed limiter is limited as it is used by disable person that why it cannot go faster. If you want to remove the speed limiter then you can do it by yourself. But if you don’t have technical skills then you cannot able to remove it. But you have to be on safe side by take it to technician. When you remove the speed limiter, you have one problem that it will start draining your battery faster. With this you also lose the warranty because every manufacturer mentioned some details in order get it returnable.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are some frequently asked questions that our visitor always curious to know is given below:

Q # 1: How fast are mobility scooters go on roads?

Mobility scooter may go as fast as normal scooter with the speed of 3.5mph approximately. Most scooters can go up to maximum speed of 4mph but cannot be ride so smoothly on roads. Some scooters can run with a maximum speed of 6mph but only when off track and same scooters can speed up to 8mph on track.

Q # 2: Is this mobility scooter used by heavy adults?

This mobility scooter is made for physically disable person but heavy adults can also use it for ride. But each vehicle has its own specifications and purpose so in order to get full benefit heavy adults have to go for best electric scooter for heavy adults

Q # 3: Is there a speed limit for mobility scooters used for speed control?

These mobility scooters and wheelchairs can travel with a speed of 4 mph approximately and mainly developed to works on pavements rather than on roads. Therefore, speed always limits for mobility scooters in many aspects.

The mobility scooter is a great vehicle for many physically disable persons and make it move easier from one place to another place without any problem. The only issue some rider face is its speed which is not very fast enough. Hope these steps can help you to increase the speed of your scooter, but at the same time we will advise you to be careful.

Final Sum Up

Mobility scooter is a common need of every physically disable person and they are amazed to work independently by using this technology. Some riders loose interest due to low speed. Therefore, we write some steps which are discussed above that make your mobility scooter go faster. By saying this, we advise you to take help from some technician while modifying. If you want some more informative articles just like “How to Make Mobility Scooter go faster” you can visit our website named as “VOODESTY

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