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Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia Tricks, Cheats, and Tips

The Mini militia game’s design is as such that there are many ways players can steadily grow and take the time to upgrade their character. There are, although tricks and cheats available for the Mod or Pro version by which the original Mini militia download game’s characters will be versatile enough to win a battle.

When the user applies various cheats and codes in the game, he/she will have access to various useful components like health, ammo, weapons, etc. If you are a newbie to the Doodle Army 2 game and starting at a very low level always end you up killed, then here is a small guide for our readers that can help them win.

mini militia cheats

Mini Militia Tricks, Cheats, and Tips –

Here is a list of few tips and tricks you should know to understand the gameplay better:

  • No matter how trained you are, you should never get into combat with a very high-level soldier in the game.
  • Use guns that make a powerful impact on the enemies. For example; Spas 12 & Shotguns should be used for close range enemies, AK 47, Uzi & M4 should be used for medium range and use grenades and rocket launchers or sniper rifles for long distance range.
  • Keep jetpack bar full at most times so that you can fly out of the range on the battlefield when you have to.
  • When you are at low health, you should prefer to commit suicide instead of letting the opponent kill you and gain all the points in order to save points.
  • You can also try mini militia mod to win each and every match. There are a lot of mini militia mods available over web i.e Mini Militia Pro Pack, Mini Militia God Mod, Mini Militia Mega Mod, Mini Militia Unlimited Health etc.
  • Use smoke grenades and chemical grenades effectively when you are in the air and the opponent is waiting below.
  • Look for the Media kit to increase life whenever you get hit. If you locate one and you are having full health, keep track of where it is or stay near it.

Change guns if you are about to finish all the ammo. You may also want to reload before the opponent sights and attacks you. If the opponent is in god mode game then there is no point in doing anything as his/her health will always be full. Shield and gun will be a good combination for defensive as well as offensive play.

When there are more opponents at one location and you are good at aiming then Rocket launcher is the best weapon to clear the field. You can hide behind the big bush so as to attack the opponent without him/her knowing your location.

You can vote for a map of different choice, and the decision will come up as per majority’s choice. When you are very close to the opponent then switch to fist action mode as weapons will be ineffective at that time.

Final Words –

By following these tips and trick you will definitely be among the top rankings within no time. keep practicing your aim and stay alive in the battle for a longer time to win more points and credit. As you upgrade to higher levels, your officer becomes stronger and resistant to easy deaths.


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