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Miracle of Zamam – Patience and Faith of a Mother – Muslims Holy Travel

If you want to see the Muslims role in an Islam then there are plenty of women who have set amazing examples as a mother, daughter, sister and a wife. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam; we all know the history of this obligatory act. Hajj and Umrah are the worshipping acts that have a reward of the expedition from the sins.  Although Hajj and Umrah differ but there are few rituals that are the same in both. You can get the guidance on it while booking your Hajj or Umrah Packages with Muslims holy travel.

However, Saee is one the rites that are the part of both Hajj and Umrah. The history and importance of this ritual are directly relevant to the miracle of Zamzam water. Before Zamazam, Makkah was a barren land with no water, food and nothing lively around it. People travelled from far never camped down there because it has nothing to offer. This miracle brings life to the barren land and now it is one of the glorious city of the world that shines and never sleeps. Well, going back in the past, you would know that Ibraheem (A.S), obeying the orders of Allah left his wife Bibi Hajra and beloved son Ismail (A.S) in a middle of this barren land.

The Journey of Faith of a Woman as A Mother

Hazrat Bibi Hajra was strong women and knew believed her husband and had a strong faith in Allah Almighty, it was blazing hot out there. Meanwhile, moving around her son was starving and was quite thirsty.   As a normal woman, she would have confronted his husband and may have complained to Allah for abandoning them in this heat. But she chose to be patient but obviously, as a mother, she couldn’t just sit around and started running between Safa and Marwah. It was the desperation of a mother for her thirsty son whose throat was drying. Instead of all the pain in her feet, she didn’t give up on her faith and at last, she was rewarded with the good fountain of Zamzam that starts sprinkling from the earth near the feet of Ismail (A.S).

This how Saee became the ritual of Hajj and Umrah. this is basically a journey of faith of the woman who had been a great wife and an amazing mother. Despite all the pain and difficulty, she had a complete faith in the matters of Allah (SWT). This is how she believed and still have the highest ranks among the Muslim women. Patience is one of the main attributes for any Muslim. Omen with such trait is admirable and set great examples in the history.

So, the journey of Hajj or Umrah is the real test of one’s patience and faith they have on the Lord. Each and every ritual has its own history. This is one of the essential contributions of women in Islamic history. Other than that Hazrat Khadija, Hazrat Fatima and many others have played their roles accordingly. Islam has given highest ranks to the woman in every role. No matter who she is, she is a whole person in herself. Her faith and patience are beyond the explanation and she is the one that you can count on in the hard times.

If you’re a woman keep in mind that you are not created without any purpose and if you’re a man, then respect her and value her sacrifices. Umrah 2019 can be a spectacular journey if you’ll book it with Muslims Holy travel. So, hurry up, call and book your family Umrah Package now with us.


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