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Missed Flights? Try these Tips to Get an Airline’s Attention

Winter is the perfect season to make that international trips and long hours of airline travels that you have been sitting on for quite some time now. A mouth-watering journey to the tropical islands — sunlit and filled with exquisite experiences. Listen… to the warm beach breeze and the crystal, blue waves call out to you now more than ever. I say, ditch the cold hard snow and start packing. Sounds awfully tempting, doesn’t it? Well, it sure is. However, in this wonderful plan, one obstacle might come to stand between you and your dream destination. An issue that many winter travelers frequently face on a large level. What is that? The unresponsive airlines. The jumbled flights. The crowded confusion. Enough to dissuade anyone from stepping out of their homes!

Truth be told, it is the downside of this season’s travel. Nothing is worse than being detained at an airport for indefinite hours, with your luggage tossed about and your Hawaiian shirt making a sad point. I remember how last year I was stuck back because I had trouble checking into my flight. The staff could not attend to me properly because there were already so many other people asking for this or that. Moreover, another time, I tried contacting the airline’s customer service, only to be met with a frustratingly late reply. I mean, you might be able to relate to this, right?

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This year, however, it is going to be different. Because, this time, I have a few tricks up my sleeve which will smoothen this whole airline ordeal and give me a special advantage. Let me share these tricks with you, so you will not have to go through a ring of fire just to contact the stubbornly busy airlines during the on-season. Check out the tips below.

Choose the Most Responsive Social Media Platform

Let us be very clear about one thing. Nearly everyone is on social media these days, from your milkman to those large multinational organizations you only hear about in the news. Naturally, this includes your respective airline too.

Now, I would recommend using these popular networking channels to make the first contact. Preferably, Twitter. Why? Because this is where you can expect to get the fastest response from the customer service. Today’s organizations, no matter of whichever domain, are particularly conscious about maintaining a perfect social media presence. You can use this tendency to your advantage. Look up the airline’s page through its handle (@something) and post your concerned query there.

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It is a smart way to get the airline’s attention, especially if you are an influencer and have a large following. No airline would want its pristine image tarnished on a public forum by a negative review from a popular entity. Even if you are not an authority SM figure, the airline’s customers would still pay attention to your testimonial, posted online over a secure internet channel (Check: Mediacom offers). So, I’m sure your concerns will be readily addressed on Twitter. Give this tip a try and let me know well it works out for you.

Leave an Urgent DM

On the other side of the coin, escalating your issue by going for the public platforms may get you some ‘unwanted’ attention as well. This is a big no-no. Airline customer services often require you to disclose personal and private information, like bank account number, date of birth and full name etc. so they can resolve your issue. If you release the confidential information on a public Twitter account, then your security might get compromised.

So, be careful and leave your private information in the DMs of the respective airline’s social pages instead of posting it publically. You can also utilize Whatsapp Messenger, Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, emailing apps, so on and so forth for this purpose. If the issue in question is excessively critical, then request for video conferencing. A face-to-face interaction can work wonders. Trust me.

Contact via the Airline’s App

In case the direct messaging and social outreaching tactics do not work, then you can always get in touch over the airline’s main app. Smartphone applications are all the rage, these days. They are so popular that Statista’s research predicts the mobile app revenue to hit $188.9 billion mark by 2020! That is why a majorly of organizations invest in a smartphone app of their brand to support the mobile-first move.

Anyways, the airline’s app will keep you updated with notifications regarding your flights. You can check the dashboard to know about any delays or cancellations. This way you will not be stranded at the airport, helplessly. In addition, these apps have a powerful internal messaging system, so you can expect a fast response surely.

Call the TFN

Nearly every airline has a customer service toll free number. You can dial this to speak to an agent. But before you do that, I’d suggest you to research your rights, so you have good arguments to back you up while on the call. Learn about the company’s terms and conditions, its take on compensations and awards, and what it has to say about liabilities and claims. Then, make your call.

Lead with Reason instead of Passion

“You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. <- This is an established fact.

The way you talk to the airline rep can make a lot of difference. It is just like when you are calling your cable agent, asking for a special discount or looking for retention. You have to be super careful and tactical. Negotiation works like that. What I would suggest is a reason-based approach.

Look up all the possible information online, anything that makes your case strong, before making the call. A missed flight or a lost connection can definitely put you in a bad mood. Do not let your temper get in the way. No matter how much you want to rant to the airline representative or make a passive-aggressive jab, remain polite throughout the call. This way they will listen to you.

One more important thing is to be absolutely clear and concise. While conveying your concerns, do not use any convoluted words. Be direct and to the point.

In conclusion, if you want the airline support to focus its attention on you and address your flight issue seriously, then do try the aforementioned tactics. Because, I know, I am going to. A smooth and hurdle-free journey is everyone’s right, after all!

Tips to get the airline's attention

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