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Stambheshwar Mahadev

The Most Famous Places in India

India is a country unlike any other. One unique that configures a world of the reverse where, in turn, we also find attractions and oddities for the most surprising traveler. Do not miss these next most curious places in India.

The magnetic hill of Leh (Ladakh)

30 minutes from the city of Leh and 3650 meters high , there is a sign announcing to drivers the presence of a magnetic hill trapped between the mountains and skies of the Himalayas . In fact, if you decide to take your car up the hill road, possibly the car will be dragged without using the steering wheel. A phenomenon that has an explanation that weighs the initial surprise, the optical vision of an absent horizon that gives us the impression of ascending constantly up the slope.


Prabalgad Fort (Maharashtra)

Also known as Kalavantin Durg , this fort built in the 6th century BC stands on top of a 700-meter hill in the state of Maharashtra . Considered one of the most dangerous ascents of Asia due to the absence of safety bars and the step cut in some flights of stairs, the Fort of Prabalgad was built by a queen named Kalavantin, although little else is known about the origin of this piece of history hidden by erosion and loneliness. If you are planning you trip to Maharashtra, choose the Deccan Odyssey train and make your trip luxurious.

Prabalgad Fort

Stambheshwar Mahadev (Gujarat)

Conceived as a Shiva temple erected 150 years ago in the vicinity of the village of Kavi Kamboi in Gujarat , Stambheswar Mahadey is a monument at least unpredictable, especially at sunset. It is at this moment when the sea begins to flood the footbridge and the interior of the temple while, little by little, the structure begins to sink in the depths. An effect caused by the high tides that descend again at dawn, filling the atmosphere with a peaceful and renewed atmosphere. One of the most curious places during a trip to India and specifically, to the area of ​​Gujarat.

Stambheshwar Mahadev

Sundarbans (West Bengal)

The largest mangrove forest in the world extends from the delta of the Padma, Meghna and Brahmaputra rivers through 10 thousand square kilometers of extension between Bangladesh and India , more specifically the state of Bengal . An oasis of peace that, despite the collateral effects of climate change, continues to be a mosaic of palm trees, water and nature unique in the world where we can run into the famous Bengal tiger or huge crocodiles.

Sundarbans (West Bengal)

Temple of the God Visa of Chilkur (Hyderabad)

In India, pilgrims and religious pray for many reasons: to find a partner for their children, for a better job or, also, a visa that allows them to travel to another country. This is the main reason that attracts thousands of followers weekly to the temple of the well-known ” God Visa ” near the Gandipet reservation in Hyderabad . In fact, inside are placed models of aircraft with garlands praying for an imminent takeoff.

Temple of the God Visa of Chilkur (Hyderabad)

Kodhini (Kerala)

In the district of Malappuram  in Kerala , there is a curious town called Kodhini famous for housing to 400 pairs of twins 2000 families living in it. A phenomenon analyzed by experts for years, although still has not managed to find the reason that gives rise to it, believing that it could be a component of water or air which causes this curious fact.


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