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Movies to reboot yourself this Year!

Every year we find a new movie to fall in love with – the same can be said for this year. While we had a load of thrill, action, and horror roaring at its loudest – we also had the sort of movies that made us want to use our imagination and be creative just like we used to be in our childhood. Then there were those that made us forget all our worries and just laugh even at stressful parts in life. Oh – and let’s not forget about love. We literally celebrated the love of all sorts this year which was very powerful because it just shows that people are actually trying to open up to possibilities and accepting differences as a normal thing rather than something to shame others at.

So without further ado, let’s talk about those amazing movies (check and save some of your precious, precious, time.



The genre of fantasy is all about believing in things we don’t have any idea about, right? The concept is to basically break the rules of what we already know – to make us wonder and think … to let our imaginative power take full control and not feel scared. As a matter of fact, did you know that science fiction is actually a type of fantasy too?

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

What better way to start the list with something like to one of the most fantastic of stories. Harry Potter took us on a journey we all low-key wished to be true. Aren’t we all still just waiting for those Hogwarts letters to be delivered and go live the magic?

The movie isn’t out yet … but I am sure af that it’d be a hit as well esp. since Johnny Depp is playing the villain.


So as far as I know – Tom Hardy is quite a heartthrob for those interested in men. I, however, always recall the famous writer Thomas Hardy. He is known for his work in literature. That being said, I think it is pretty easy to understand that I haven’t watched any of his movies. I know, I know, boo. But this one seems really interesting. Feels a lot like a spiderman spin-off but without Spider-Man himself. A whole movie dedicated thoroughly to the ‘anti-hero’ – bold step, no? And damnnn Marvel is giving us some badass characters to fall for or what?

A Wrinkle in Time

A Disney movie – we all know how well Disney does with fantasy, right? There’s always a tinge of more than what the plot is about in the movies. It makes you think more and feels more. This movie is the type you sit and watch with your family … amazing cinematography and breathtaking beauty – all in one place. The thing I love about this and all Disney movies is the feeling of power in good … the production house is known for inculcating within its audiences. I mean half of my life moments were ruined because of believing the notion that good begets good. I saw too many Disney movies, I guess, lol. Yet, those movies remind me how it is okay to hurt and we should always be our best in whatever we do. It’s a nice feeling. Very nice.

Aqua Man

As soon as I saw Jason Momoa as an aqua man in Justice League – I was head over heels for the character. He was all macho and angry and whatnot but as soon as he was a bit tipsy due to the lasso – he turned into a highly comic role hitting on wonder woman like any other man. And now a whole movie is being dedicated to Aqua Man!! I am like asdfghjkl!!!

Mary Poppins Returns

Mary Poppins helped us laugh and warmed up our hearts back in the 60’s and now she’s coming back to do the same. We don’t know if the movie would still have a Bert or other characters but at least the two children are all grown up and the question that stayed in our minds would be satisfied. I know I used to think how things would be for the kids after Mary left or once they grew up – now we get to see all that.



I Feel Pretty

This movie is a mix of a confidence boost and comedy at the same time – a girl finds out how it is not her appearance that matters but the heart within that makes her who she is. The dialogues are a combination of wit, sarcasm, and plain old humor as well. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie to its greatest – it isn’t the beauty products or clothes that define us but our actions and will to be and do something.

Sorry to Bother You

Comedy with a tinge of science fiction and fantasy in a single movie – I mean what is this sorcery even!? The movie is claimed to be one of the biggest comedies of the year so if you don’t watch it then it is probably your loss and not the movie’s. :p

It low-key talks about the black man issues in modern day America and a way to get past all of them. The movie dictates the failures of egalitarianism and the problems that arise when one tries to adjust to a culture that isn’t his. The moral is to be true to your nature and not take shortcuts.

Game Night

If you liked “Horrible Bosses” – you’d surely like this movie as well. Game Nights are all fun and laugh until it gets highly difficult to understand what’s real and what’s not. The movie has an element of thrill and bloodshed to it surely but everything is too funny to ponder over the macabre. It reminds me of one of the Halloween bets from Brooklyn Nine/Nine where Santiago gets proposed by Peralta.


Ever thought of John Cena making you laugh and not because you won the bet you put on him?

Yeah, seems hard to imagine, right? But this movie is proof of how a human being can be anything he wants to be. While John Cena plays the role of a father in this movie and accepts old age –his friend, wife and he himself needs to accept the fact to let their daughters be. Everyone has their own experiences and demons to fight with. No one can fight the battle for you. Slay your own dragons, people!

Ocean’s 8

I remember I used to love Charlie’s Angels not because the women were grown in all the right places but because it showcased how women can be much more fun of assassins and fighters when put to test. Ocean’s 8 is definitely not as much of an action movie but it shows women as the coning party. The movie shows how women can *uck up the whole world when they want to and we need to stop thinking of them as the helpless little creatures. Don’t downplay their roles. Empower them! If we start teaching our girl’s just as much mechanics as we teach our boys since childhood – how’d the two be different other than their genitals or body?



To All the Boys I have Loved Before

Oh my heart, such a corny teenage movie yet the world is going bullocks over it. Whatever social media site I open there’s a meme about someone wanting a Peter Kavinsky in their life. The movie is, indeed, filled with unrealistic ideas about love. I mean I haven’t met someone who’d care for me this much and be in love with me too. Most of the people who are this nice to you are mostly empathetic towards all humanity or sympathetic towards your situation, no?

The movie, however, makes one fall in love with the idea of love itself all over again. Moreover, the almost forgotten song “I like me better” was one of the things that made me most happy in this movie.


The movie is only 100 minutes of screen time but has a long-lasting effect on one’s thoughts. Based on Hamlet the movie is made from Ophelia’s perspective and her vows that break in order to pursue love. The story is about the fact that love comes at its own terms and isn’t for everyone – if you haven’t listened to Zella Day’s Sweet Ophelia … might be the time now.

The Kissing Booth

Have you ever felt like you are stuck in the middle of going after your heart or head? It can either be emotions over logic or the other way around – this movie is all about that. Two best friends and a hot brother off limits because hey no one wants to involve family and friends in such a way, right? The movie is about understanding each other’s ideas and perspectives and putting our own egos aside. I really liked it – I hope you do too.

Fifty Shades Freed

One of the major reasons I put this movie on the list is because of the songs. Have you even listened to Julia Micheals’ Heaven – it literally speaks volumes to all those out there who fell for the bad boys/girls. The whole movie is filled with songs and music that connects to your heart. Moreover, the movie depicts the sort of romance no other movie might have – it tells how two people trust each other to the core no matter inside the four walls of their bedroom or in the outside world. That is one of the ideas of love that has been long forgotten – if you want to succeed in love you need to build an undying trust for your partner.

Love, Simon

“Maybe a part of me wants to hold onto who I have always been just a little longer

No matter what announcing who you are to the world is pretty terrifying because what is the world doesn’t like you?”

Love, Simon is more than just a gay love story. It’s about accepting who you are as well as each other knowing that two people don’t always have to be the same to be nice to each other. We don’t need to befriend our replicas to enjoy life – we just a need a little bit of acceptability that all individuals created are equal and different at the same time. We can’t throw shade on anyone for being different nor can we love someone for having similar opinions. Life doesn’t work that way – nor does love.


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