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Must-Visit Museums for Every Type of Daring Traveler

Vacations should not only about going to amusement parks, going to the beach, eating at renowned restaurants, and shopping as you can also use them to enrich your mind.

If you want your next trip to the United States to be a bit more different and fulfilling, why not try going to museums? There are plenty of museums you can visit while doing your visit in the U.S. You don’t have to worry about the entrance fee as there are several good museums that do not charge visitors.

Smithsonian Museums (Washington, DC)

A smorgasbord of museums – this is the best way to describe the Smithsonian Museums. Being the world’s largest museum complex, housing 13 free museums in Washington, DC alone, the Smithsonian is a popular destination among tourists visiting the country’s capital.

Some of the more popular museums that can be found in Smithsonian include the Air and Space Museum, the American History Museum, and the Natural History Museum. If you are travelling with your kids and you want them enrich their knowledge, then going to the Smithsonian Museums is pretty ideal and practical since you can enter these museums for free.

Getty Center (Los Angeles, California)

The Getty Center in Los Angeles features some of the coolest Western art pieces, such as paintings, sculpture, photographs, manuscripts, and drawings. When visit this museum you would have the opportunity to see special exhibits, attend gallery talks, and join curator-led tours.

If you are on a vacation in LA with your partner, visiting the Getty Center can be a different and unique date without having to pay for anything. The center is open to the public until 9 PM on Saturday. Parking is free after 5 PM. The first thing you could notice in the center is its unique modern architecture and cool city view.

Museum of Contemporary Photography (Chicago, Illinois)

If you are a professional photographer, hobbyist, or someone who enjoys looking at good quality photographs, then, the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago is a must-visit museum. The museum, founded in 1984, is a prime destination for photography enthusiasts. It is also considered as the best photography museum in the Midwest.

The museum exhibits variety of thought-provoking and awe-inspiring photographs ever taken. The museum also gives visitors an insight on how technology has changed and improved the art of photography. If you want to visit this museum, just go to Columbia College Chicago. You don’t have to worry about entrance fee as the museum does not charge guests.

Museum at Fashion Institute of Technology (New York, New York)

Fashion aficionados, designers, and people with great sense of fashion can enjoy this museum in New York. The museum showcases three exhibition galleries, featuring visiting exhibitions and a rotating selection of FIT’s permanent collection. Guests can also attend free lectures, panel discussions, and tours. Since the museum does not charge its guests, you can visit it without having to worry about spending.

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If you want your next U.S. trip to be more fruitful and productive, visiting museums sounds like a plan. You don’t have to worry about spending extra cash as there are several free museums you can visit, like those mentioned above. Also, to fully enjoy your trip, renting a vintage bus hire is advised.

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