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What to Pack for Your Next Road Trip

If you’re planning to do a road trip, no matter how far the destination is, there are a few essential items that you’ll want to make sure you pack for your trip. This includes personal belongings and certain types of clothing as well as anything else you might need for your trip.

So pack your bags and get ready for that trip!

Phone Charger

Perhaps one of the most important items to pack is a cell phone charger, especially since many of us rely on our phones for so much. Your phone can serve as your map, your tie that connects you to potential emergency aid if you encounter an emergency, and your source of entertainment if you rely on it for music, podcasts, or audiobooks. Not only do you need something that can plug into wall outlets once you arrive at your various destinations along the way, but you’ll also need something that can plug into any ports in your car.

Comfortable Clothes

No matter how long your drive is, you won’t want to be stuck in uncomfortable clothing for hours on end. You should find something cozy to wear from your head down to your toes. Whether that comes in the form of leggings and flats, sweatpants and walking shoes, or pajama pants and flip flops, you’ll be able to drive in comfort.

Snacks and Water

You’ll need to ensure that you have enough water to last you most of your trip—or at least until you can find your first rest stop. You should also have snacks available, such as fruits, nuts, chips, your favorite candies, and whatever else is easy to grab and munch on while you drive. It’s best to come prepared with water (and coffee if you want and need a caffeine boost along your drive) and your favorite snacks so that you don’t have to stop too often along your trip. It’s also ideal to bring a reusable water bottle and/or coffee thermos so you don’t have end up accumulating a lot of wasteful plastic.

First Aid Kit and Emergency Kit

In case something happens, you’ll want to have some tools available so that you can handle any minor issues and fix them accordingly. It’s especially helpful if you, of course, know how to deal with basic mechanics, such as changing a flat tire. You’ll also want to make sure you have a first aid kit for any sort of minor medical issues that potentially come up.

Garbage Bag or Small Bin

Since you’ll be eating and drinking in your car, you’ll need somewhere to store loose wrappers, napkins, and any other trash that you accumulate along your drive. All of that stuff adds up a lot and ends up (somehow) taking up more space than you’d even imagine. Keeping it all in one place will let you feel more comfortable in the car on a long drive.

Toilet Paper or Tissues and Hand Sanitizer

If you’re perhaps driving on a route where there aren’t a lot of rest stops, you should bring your own toilet paper or tissues so you can take care of your business as needed. It also helps to have them on hand in case there’s any sort of spill or, perhaps obviously, if you need to blow your nose. And since you’re in a small space where germs can incubate and spread easily, having hand sanitizer accessible can help you cut down on that so you can stay happy and healthy for your trip once you arrive in your final destination.


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