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Hajj and Umrah are important pilgrimages in Islam. Hajj being the fifth pillar of Islam is obligatory on every Muslim at least once in his or her lifetime if he or she is physically and financially capable of performing it.

Ghusl for men

For one who has made a strong intention of performing Hajj he should make intention of accessing the state of Ihraam. Once the pilgrim makes an intention of accessing the state of Ihraam, the Muslim men must take a shower, often known as Ghusl to proceed. Ghusl is obligatory to take for every Muslim either male or female and without Ghusl you cannot perform Hajj and are considered to be in a state of impurity.

Sunnah of Ghusl

  • Washing both the hands up to the wrists.
  • Wash the private parts and remove dirt or filth from the body.
  • Perform Wudu.
  • Water should be poured over the head three times so that it flows all over the body.
  • Pour water on the right shoulder three times.
  • Pour water on the left shoulder three times.

Ghusl for women

The same rule is applicable to the woman even if she is dealing with her menstrual period during the days of Hajj. According to the Tirmidhi, Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him) always used to perform Ghusl while entering the state of Ihram. Although it is voluntary to take a shower for the entire pilgrims, there is no sacrifice necessitated if the pilgrim skips the same intentionally or due to forgetfulness. However, the men should avoid shaving the beards unless they successfully accomplish the Hajj rites and trim it after sacrificing an animal.

Reciting Talbiyah

لَبَّيْكَاللهُمَّلَبَّيْكَ – لَبَّيْكَلَاشَرِيْكَلَكَلَبَّيْكَ – إِنَّالْحَمْدَوَالنِّعْمَةَلَكَوَالْمُلْكَ – لَاشَرِيْكَلَكَ –

AtYourservice, Allah, at Your service. At Your service, You have no partner, at Your service. Truly all praise, favour and sovereignty is Yours. Youhavenopartner.

The Talbiyah is a Devotional prayer uttered by Muslims during Hajj. It is  invoked by the pilgrims as a conviction that they intend to perform the Hajj only for the glory of Allah. It is also a way of devoting your complete attention his will. Talbiyah is repeatedly invoked during the Hajj, or pilgrimage, upon putting on the Ihram, so the pilgrims can purify and rid themselves of worldly concerns.

When to recite

It is recommended to read it in all conditions including while standing, sitting, walking, travelling in a vehicle,  laying down, in a state of minor or major impurity or during menstruation. It should also be recited when changing conditions, such as times or places like the coming of night or day, at dawn. It is recommended to repeat the Talbiyah three or more times.

Men should pronounce Talbiyah at a medium voice whereas the women should utter the same in a low voice so that the Namehramrn are unable to hear it. At the same time, it is recommended to avoid the excess and constant recitation.

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