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Places to Visit in Southern Vietnam

Places to Visit in Southern Vietnam

Traveling in the Southern Vietnam always bring tourist much more interesting. So if you have the opportunity to travel to the south, do not forget to visit the tourist attractions such as Saigon, Phu Quoc Island and Cai Rang floating market. Here are the tourist attractions in the south that Vietcruise want to lead you on the journey to explore the South. Together we carry our backpack and go explore!



The Four-Binh Islands

The Four-Binh is Binh Hung, Binh Tien, Binh Lap and Binh Ba Islands. The four places in Khanh Hoa province are famous for their peaceful atmosphere, clear blue water, white sand, wild landscape.

Binh Lap attracts visitors by the blue-clad beaches, winding white sand, unique rock formations and green trees in succession. With beautiful landscape, harmony, Binh Lap island package for its own unique beauty, romantic, sparkling and charming.

On the island of Binh Hung, visitors not only enjoy swimming, but also sea life, colorful shoal coral reefs. Enjoying the beautiful scenery of the island at different moments is what everyone wants to experience once in life. The Four-Binh islands are unique destination that not many tourists know about it. And by far, they are the best places to visit in Vietnam.

Nam Du Island

Located 250 km south of Saigon, Nam Du Island is considered as a destination that southern peoples must visit during the holidays. Nam Du will be your favorite Southern Vietnam tours packages so far.

Fresh, relaxed, peaceful, peaceful atmosphere will be the ideal destination for you during the holiday. Moreover, you can walk under the coconut or walk through the coast of blue water, white sand, quiet and airy which is nearly a hundred years. Here, you can dive to watch squid, fish or view coral color. You will be visiting Cay Men beach, Da Den beach, Dat Do beach, then Mung Island, Ngang Island, Hai Bo Beach. To the slope of Ong Tinh view panorama of Bai Ngu, conquering the lighthouse Nam Du is at the top of the hill 300 meters above sea level.

Phu Quoc Island

Phu Quoc is no stranger to tourist lovers, this is the biggest island in Vietnam. In which, Bai Dai is a beautiful beach that attracts tourists a lot. It is also ranked first in the top 13 most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world in 2008.

The Most prominent in the Island is the town of Duong Dong with two sites of Dinh Cau and Dinh Cau night market. Dinh Cau wrapped tangerine tourists with the beauty of an old green tree, of the huge rocks shaped, the angle of view down the sea from high. Dinh Cau night market is where you can buy souvenirs and enjoy clever cookies as well as fresh seafood. Phu Quoc will complete your Vietnam Luxury Vacations in a perfect way.



Nam Cat Tien

Coming to Nam Cat Tien, you will be immersed in wild and wild mountains, in harmony with the nature of the earth and sky, mountains and forests covered by rivers and streams, walking around the forest and watching the trees in the forest. And see the tall tree which is more than dozens of people could hold hands together to embrace new.

The forest is an ideal place for you to feel the sound of nature in the most vivid way, where you can hear the sound of wild animals or birds singing loudly, listening to the murmuring streams in the waterfalls of the Parrot, Sky Gate, Ben Cu Waterfall and Noctad Waterfall

U Minh Forest

U Minh forest ecosystem is the most attractive destination for visitors, there are 6 months flooded and 6 months dry. Melaleuca trees are dominant, grown on peat soils. In addition, the place is also a mecca of the various species of vines.

The U Minh Forest is not only pristine by plants and water, but also by the legend of the life of Uncle Ba Phi associated with the only imaginary animals such as giant python, crocodile giants. Enjoying the beauty of U Minh Forest is not only your Vietnam luxury vacation but also a course to learn much more about the wild like in the biggest forest in Vietnam


The River is also known as Mekong Delta and called Mien Tay by locals. Mekong Delta is probably the most popular destinations from all over the country. There are no traffic busy bus noise as in big cities, no high rise buildings, Mekong delta attracts visitors due to its unique characteristics.

From September to November is the floating season, to the West this season you will see flooded everywhere. Traveling to Mekong Delta this season, although not to visit many places, if properly arrived in the floating day and there are also lots of fun. From December to January, February is the closest time to the New Year. In here, you can visit famous flower villages such as Sa Dec, Tan Quy Dong and Vi Thanh.

Mekong Delta has sunny climate and moderate weather all year round. So that almost every season, it is always beautiful. Each season has unique, typical characteristics. Often in the summer (around June, July, August) is the season of fruit ripening in the West, so if you like to explore the garden fresh fruit should go in summer.

Going to the Delta to see the floating market which is one of the best places to visit in Vietnam, see the way people trading on the river area. Going to the fruit garden, admire the richness of the Cuu Long land or visit the traditional villages of Mekong Delta (such as making coconut candy, rice paper rolls, noodles) will certainly make visitors feel interesting.

If you have more time, you can go exploring Tra Su cajuput forest in An Giang, watching the lotus in Dong Thap Muoi or learning about wild crane storks living in Bang Lang stork garden … There are many Highlights in the West will leave visitors unforgettable memories.


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