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Planning your Perfect Hotel Stay

Getting the chance to stay in any of the 5-star hotels in Manila is a rare opportunity afforded by some. Making the most of the stay is something else entirely. Experiencing all the aspects that make that hotel unique is a great way to make your stay worth it.

Here are some tips for planning your version of a perfect hotel vacation:

Choose the Perfect Room

The perfect hotel stay is nothing without the place of private rest and relaxation, the room. Is it a vacation date with a loved one? Then, a room with a king-sized bed would be enough to satisfy those desires. Is this the family vacation? Then, choose a bigger room with two or three beds for the whole family to enjoy! Is this a spontaneous getaway with all of your best friends from high school? Then, two or maybe three rooms with twin beds might just be enough for everyone to have fun!

The room is where your hotel stay begins and ends. It must be the most comfortable as it can be.

Look for the Best Food

Food is what makes the world go around. Delicious food is something worth traveling for hours to get. Luckily, a lot of 5-star hotels in Manila present buffets that would make everyone’s mouth water and that is just by looking at pictures of their food. Hotels hold buffets of varying cuisines that would satisfy anyone who is fortunate enough to eat in even just one instance of their buffets.

For those who prefer a more intimate meal, there are also intimate areas and bars (atop the hotel, on the balcony, and overlooking the scenery)—they serve the same function, to give the customers a more private experience when it comes to dining with the people they are with.

Find the Best Facilities

This one is more about personal choices. Swimming around in a large pool and floating around thinking about all the great things life has to offer; Sitting in a jacuzzi, chilling with your friends and/or family; or playing with the kids all day; is this what it means to have the perfect hotel stay? Then, look for a hotel with the best swimming pool imaginable.

If the perfect vacation is a time only for oneself, a time to forget about all the stress and hardships that have built up over tiring days and sleepless nights; then the spa is the ideal getaway to soothe the sores of both the mind and the body.

Or maybe the perfect hotel stay is something unique to a certain audience. There are hotels that offer ballroom dancing some nights and others that have a mellow jazz concert for music lovers.

Key Takeaway

The perfect hotel stay is something that is unique to everybody that wants it. Whether the priority of the whole stay is to relax the mind and the body or to have fun and go all out, there will always be a 5-star hotel in Manila that would be able to cater to the wants and needs of anyone planning to spend a weekend pampering themselves.

Adrian Crisostomo

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