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Poll: Most Romantic Bollywood Song Ever – RESULT!

Yes, our month long journey to discover the most romantic track ever produced in Bollywood originates for an end. Your way was as exciting one considering as many folks reacted positively towards the poll; You’ve got no clue, even Shahid mentioned about our poll on twitter!! To download any of your desired songs just click here

Also, the complaints were minimal within the selection of the songs. We’ve started the poll with 20 songs and later we added 5 more songs towards the list.

Bollywood has been known for romance; from very start, as if Indians could never do without romance within their lives. From monochrome to modern era we have seen many talented musicians, directors and actors bring the essence of romance in a A few minutes long song. It sometimes involved passion, sometimes concerning the purity of emotion, sometimes about dreams and some in other cases about poignancy.

We thank all those who have voted for the songs on the list, and we also thank our critic friends(Bobby Singh, Smitha, Nisha, Sourabh & Aravind) who have helped us to compile the critics top 10.

We have two lists, one critic list along with other popular list, both having top ten songs. Let’s see critic’s top 10 first, and then we’ll see popular top ten.

CRITICS Top ten:

10) Do Dil Mil Rahe Hai: Pardes [1997]

Credits(Music: Nadeem-Shravan, Lyrics: Anand Bakshi, Singer: Kumar Sanu)

Subhash Ghai films always had great music, right from start and Pardes is truly an excellent musical. Irony is that despite as being a romantic hero Shahrukh Khan doesn’t get romantically involved with Ganga, the central character played by Mahima Choudhari. He involves her house together with his friend’s proposal for her. Obviously, finally he has got the girl (that is obvious, is it not?) but there doesn’t have a romantic angle.

So, how come this song featured on this list? Well, the background music and lyrics are incredibly romantic. Shahrukh sings in the background having a guitar in his hand, while Mahima Choudhari and Apoorva Agnihotri look into each other’s eyes. Bollywood films continue being renowned for the excessive song and dance sequences that also play a pivotal role for making Indian cinema both unique and popular around the world. Songs are used in Indian movies mainly to entertain they also end up being a highly effective device in rendering otherwise mundane but essential information without compromising the emotional quotient of the story. An appropriate love song enhances a romantic setting. Similarly songs have been used to make audiences laugh and cry using the characters. Actually the storyline itself could be narrated through cleverly inserted songs. Moreover, song montages replace elaborate scenes enhancing emotions and providing more significance to the narrative expression by eliminating conversations. Thus the overall dramatic impact of the story is heightened.

This slow paced romantic number can definitely move your heart. Mohit Chouhan is awesome in this song. He imparts so much feeling into the song. The gentle flow of the song reminds us of rain and Shahid &  Kareena dance in the rain towards the end of the song; perfect way to end our list.


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