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Pros and Cons of Booking your Hotel Stay Online

Pros and Cons of Booking your Hotel Stay Online

You can do almost anything online, from shopping for clothes to booking hotels. There are many options to choose from in doing so, and this has changed the way that travel is done from its traditional standpoint to today’s modern method. With the many selection of hotels in Makati to choose from, you would be overwhelmed with how to go about in securing your stay at your preferred place.

Compared to the previous way of calling up a travel agency or book a hotel directly, you can go through the whole process online and you don’t even have to go all the way to the hotel in Makati until the date of your stay. However, there are drawbacks to booking your hotel online and you can read them here the next time you need to remind yourself about them:




Confirmed Bookings


With online hotel bookings, you can have the privilege of having a secured reservation so you would not encounter any problem come your travel date. Online payments are faster to process and it is an easy-to-understand payment solution for everyone, which makes this easier for those who are too busy to go directly to the hotel to book their hotel stay.

It is necessary that online bookings should be confirmed because the hotel risks their customer service satisfaction to drop if the customer arrives and finds that the reservation did not go through.


Quality Customer Service


Speaking of customer satisfaction, booking a hotel online would guarantee topnotch customer service. With this, you can also view previous customer experiences with the hotel and if they are satisfied with online booking system so that you can have prior knowledge before beginning a transaction with them.


Relaxed Cancellation policies


There are some if not all online booking systems that offer cancellation policies with full refunds. This offers flexibility in terms of your transaction, which will come in handy if you run into an emergency or you just decided that you cannot commit to staying in that accommodation.




Lack of Room Identification


With online hotel bookings, you would not have the chance to assess the place for yourself. You would not know if the room you are staying in is suitable to your interests or if it can accommodate the whole party with you. The most important factor is that you can get your money’s worth in booking a hotel room so if you end up disappointed with your accommodation then it would just be a waste of time.


Difficulty in Managing Expectations


Images can be deceiving so it would be hard to trust them when you are looking at the hotel amenities and facilities. There would be difficulty in managing expectations because you may either overestimate or underestimate the hotel’s features. To avoid this, you can search for past clients’ reviews of the hotel and ensure that you would not be welcomed with an environment far from its pictures online.


Key Takeaway


The pros and cons of booking a hotel are the best key factors to consider when you are thinking of a more convenient way of securing an accommodation for a staycation. Whether it is in a hotel in Makati or in other parts of the Metro, booking a hotel online has its significant benefits and important drawbacks which you have to always remember.


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