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Pros and Cons of Having a Smart Home

Smart home devices in the Philippines are getting much more affordable. They’re already cheap enough for the majority of the Filipino people to get. Getting an IOT device is one thing, upgrading your whole house into a smart home is another. With that being said, before you choose to transform your home into a smart home, you should first way the pros and cons of having one!



Smart home devices are famous for bringing a sense of comfort and convenience to anyone who has them. These IOT devices are programmable, making it possible for them to be set into doing many trivial things at home. For example, smart thermostats can be programmed to turn the air-conditioning unit on when the temperature reaches a certain level, and it would also turn it off when the temperature drops to a certain point.


As mentioned, smart home devices are usually programmed to do things at certain times and through triggers. That being said, they can easily be customized to what you want to happen. A popular example is a smart alarm clock. Most of the time these IOT alarm clocks use the time, or the presence of sunlight as the trigger to go off, however, you can choose one, or program it to go off when there’s no more light, instead of the latter.

Greatly Reduced Utility Costs

One of the most common reasons why people get smart home devices is because they can help greatly when it comes to reducing utility costs. Some IoT devices are usually programmed to turn on or off other appliances and equipment. That being said, most smart home devices are programmed to prevent any waste of electricity or water from happening. Not only will you save a lot of money because of this, but it will also alert you of these kinds of problems that are happening all over your house!


Cost of Upgrading

Individual smart home devices in the Philippines might be as affordable as ever, but upgrading your whole house can hurt your bank account a lot! Not only will you buy a ton of smart home devices and install them in different parts of your house. You might as well invest in an Internet connection that can support all of the devices! It might come as overwhelming to some, but the best way to deal with it is to view it as an investment.

Security Flaws

The most prominent problem that IoT devices got criticized about is their evident lack of security features. In fact, these IoT devices were never thought by the manufacturers as a target of hackers! Smart devices are programmed to be easily accessed by other programs or devices in order for them to work together. Because of this feature, hackers can easily break into them and access confidential information inputted to the devices!

Reliant on Wifi Connections

A country-specific problem, the reliance on smart home devices in the Philippines to the Internet is a flaw in and of itself. The Internet in the Philippines is incredibly slow as compared to other countries. And the more devices are connected to the internet, the slower it can get. Not to mention the relatively high price for Internet connections in the Philippines.

Key Takeaway

Having a smart home can be incredibly convenient for you, but sometimes it’s better off as a dream. So if you plan on upgrading your house into a smart home, be sure to consider this list of pros and cons first!


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