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Put that wanderer hat on and explorer the beauty of South America!

The beautiful areas of South America are inviting every wanderer. Your journey is filled with thrills of adventures, the bliss of nature, plutonic icebergs, buoyant beaches, spacious wine yards and having a close watch of wildlife species. Under the broad daylight or the beautiful panoramic sunsets, there are beautiful things to explore.

 Iguazu falls

This is the treasured sight in the world with more than 250 waterfalls in tropical jungles of Argentina and Brazil. Unveiling beauty of these falls is must see from the Argentine side.
The boat ride is promising to feel that mist and go closer to these falls. Worth to see are colorful parrots flying and chattering near the trees. In
South America Holidays systematic packages are designed.

Lake Titicaca, Bolivia

Taking the determination from nostalgic times this site is home for various indigenous communities. Coming here will give you that perfect knack of Peruvian history and culture. Worth recommended is floating island of Uros people and taking a 40-minute boat ride from Puno Port. Experts of Peru group tours do systematic bookings and allow you to have a stress free holiday experience.

Lima, Peru

A mesmerizing archeological spot attracts the attention of millions of tourists worldwide. Worth to see here is an impressive pyramid structure and temple of Hullamarca that dates back of 150 A.D

Amazon Eco reserve

Beauty of this spot remains to be intact and unchanged since ages. A true jungle adventure with comfort and safety is easily experienced here. Macaw parrots are simply iconic. In the Amazon waterways, you could try Kayaking or canoeing. Many spots here do give you the opportunity of camping under the stars.

Eastern Islands, Chile: –

The monolithic statues mainly known as Maoi carved with the single piece of stone makes this place worthy to be added up in your bucket list. The unique Polynesian Culture is explained by a reputed tour operator. The Islands are always exciting for adventure lovers and enormous activities. The clear and pristine beaches allow you to explore skills of snorkeling, surfing or scuba diving.

Potosi, Bolivia: –

During winters this spot becomes out to be one of the prominent breeding grounds for species like Chilean, James, and flamingos. Here Cerro Rico mine is the largest one and producing 60,000 tons of silver. The largest salt flat of the world could also be witnessed here.

Calafate Mountain Park: –

This spot is a perfect one for the whole family. Right from trying out skiing to snow covered trails every moment is just worthy to give you that incredible kind of experiences. In Summers Mountain biking is one of the best things to do here.

Perito Moreno Glacier: –

Patagonia Cruise is the perfect thing to do when you wish to witness that huge size of the glacier. Exploring stream of the glacier is a complete distinctive experience. The place remains out to be undisturbed by manmade advancements. The plus advantage the of signing of the cruise trip is you could witness the beauty of Magellan penguins, Orcas and Elephant seals on the islands.

Punta Arenas: –

If you are set to explore the South Eastern Patagonia then this spot is worth a visit.  Worth trying activity here is rubbing foot on the statue. This is one of the local customs tried in the main areas of town.

South America is worth to explore for all age groups. Customised tour plans for groups or solo travellers can be made for travel needs.


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