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Responsibilities that a CEO Play in Business

As all of us know that CEO is the main responsibility holder in a company and the growth of the company depends upon him. Here are some responsibilities that a CEO should not delegate since they are at the heart of their role in the company.

Creation of Standards:

The corporate culture defines the values, mission, and vision of the company and is the foundation on which all the decisions of its collaborators are based. The CEO is the one who has the vision to develop the standards according to their long-term plans and the personality that they want the company to project to the final consumer.

Selection of Senior Executives:

Catherine Duggan, Ph.D., FRPharmS is one of other senior CEO businessman. Although there are specialists in Headhunting, and the most advisable thing is to resort to them for their multiple contributions, the final decision is exclusive of the manager. It is up to him to select those who will execute their strategies while guiding the team with wisdom.

Approval of the Regulation:

When the gears of an organization work smoothly, it is because all the collaborators know what they have to do and, even more importantly, why they have to do it in the way they are indicated. To achieve this, it is crucial that the CEO closely supervises the creation of internal regulations, contributing his point of view and approving each of its components.

Responsibilities that a CEO Play in business

Definition of Strategies:

This is one of the responsibilities that most distinguish a CEO. Only he has the vision and experience necessary to properly manage the company. That is why strategic planning is only at your charge, but without ruling out the receipt of suggestions from your employees.

Establishment of Relationships:

In addition to the importance of strategies, the survival of a company is based on the strengthening of its commercial relationships. Companies from related fields, overseas partners and Human Resources companies are good allies with whom the CEO must work side by side.

Making Difficult Decisions:

Although it is not as glamorous as the previous obligations, it is in this where the leadership lies. His extensive knowledge of the market allows him to make the best decisions in difficult times, always backed by the experts closest to him.

Choice of Acquisitions:

The acquisitions are inherent to the growth of a company, being able to deal with furniture, a new property, branches, and even other companies. These choices depend on the strategic vision of the CEO, that is, their future plans for the company.

So from all the above point, it is clear that CEO is a person who can grow the company and he can be responsible for the fall of the company. So CEO must be well qualified about the business and must have complete know knowledge of his business.

Irfan Haider

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