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Road Trips from Sydney to Melbourne

If you live in Sydney or are merely visiting, it is usually worth combining visits to both cities. Sydney has a huge amount to offer and certainly won’t leave you short of things to do, but Melbourne is a similarly wonderful place with a huge variety of experiences to be found. This article considers the prospect of a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne and some of the things to see on the way.


As you leave Sydney, there is a wonderful experience to be had by passing through the Royal National Park. This is located just outside of the city and it is a beautiful way to start your coastal journey down to Melbourne. You will drive through a forest valley and past magnificent waterfalls that you can’t help but enjoy. The road will then take you past the wonderful views of Stanwell Tops and along the coastal road towards Melbourne.


As you head along the coast towards Melbourne you will pass Long Beach. This is an excellent place to stop and it provides some of the most stunning views in Australia. The coastline here is very flat and from any rise you can see for a huge distance in any direction. Long Beach is a great place to relax to break up your drive.

Melbourne BEACH


All along the coastal route to Melbourne you will find national parks and state forests. These areas are all of stunning beauty and well worth appreciating from the car as you drive along past them. There is also a lot of wildlife to be appreciated in these parks if you can find the time to walk through them. The Forests of note include South East Forest National Park, Bodalla State Forest and Snowy River National Park.

Melbourne forest


As you pass Bairnsdale you will pass some outstanding lakes that stretch out onto the sea. These lakes are a wonder to behold and it is entirely worth stopping to view these too. Loch Sport is particularly beautiful and a stop at Paynesville will provide you with comfort and beautiful views.


Once you arrive in Melbourne there is a huge array of Melbourne tours available for you to enjoy. On top of this, the cuisine is renowned worldwide and is certainly worth tasting. Before you leave, be sure to book ahead because Melbourne is a busy place and some restaurants have very exclusive guest lists.



Once you have reached Melbourne and eaten your fill of fantastic foods, there is another stretch of road that simply cannot be neglected. The Great Ocean Road is perhaps the most beautiful coastal road in the world and it lies just beyond Melbourne.

Extending your journey and spending a night in Port Campbell accommodation will allow you to appreciate the greatest wonder of this beautiful place. The Twelve Apostles sits by Port Campbell on the Great Ocean Road and it is a remarkable sight to behold. This will be the perfect way to wrap up your road trip before heading back along the coast and enjoying some more of the forests and any waterfalls neglected en route.

melbourne roads

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