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Why Sandals Are Must Haves for Summer

Unlike in most parts of the world where it isn’t ideal, people use sandals in the Philippines, India, Indonesia, and other Asian countries all year round. Sandals are always in style and you can wear them any day of any month and no one would bat an eye. Whether it’s during the rainy months of July to August or the cold, holiday months of November to December, you will see people wearing sandals.

Although, sandals do increase in popularity during the warm summer months of March to May. Have you ever wondered why that is? Why do people wear their sandals more frequently during the summer?

It’s like you can’t go through the entire summer without wearing them at least once. Doesn’t it pique your curiosity? If it does, then you’re in luck because we’ll tell you just why sandals are a must haves for the summer!

They Keep Your Feet and Body Cool

During the hot summer days, it is crucial to keep your feet and body cool and wearing closed shoes are not the way to do so. They will only make your feet hot which also increases your body temperature. Sandals, on the other hand, allow your feet to breathe and keep you cool.

Moreover, if you have foot conditions like athlete’s foot or ingrown toenails, they’ll heal quicker if they’re left to breath. Keeping them in a tight, damp environment only slows down the healing process.

They Can Be Paired with Almost Anything

Summer is the time to wear fun summer clothing like sun dresses, skirts, and rompers, but these outfits don’t often go well with tennis shoes and sneakers, so you will have to resort to a comfy pair of sandals.

Sandals go with a wide variety of summer outfits and you’ll be able to complete different but equally stylish outfits with a good pair or two. Whether you are looking to dress with your office attire or just going out with some friends and wear some casual clothes, sandals can be your go-to footwear and can still look awesome.

They are Easy to Slip On and Off

You’re constantly in and out of the house during the summertime because of the many activities and plans you have made. There’s plans with friends, with family, and with colleagues. It’s the perfect time to get out of the hot confines of your house and enjoy the fresh and cool summer breeze.

On some days, it’s hard to head out the door on time because dear, old laziness decided to pay you a visit. During these days, when you find it difficult to put on a simple pair of shoes, sandals are your best friend.

You can slip them on and bolt out the door in a matter of minutes. Even as you get home, you can easily take them off and start relaxing as soon as you enter your homey space. Nothing beats fashion and efficiency.

They are Perfect for the Beach

There’s one thing that always comes to mind when summer comes – beaches! Summer is the time to hit the beach with friends and family and there’s no other footwear perfect for a trip to the beach than a pair of sandals. They’ll protect your feet from the hot sand and you can leave them by the shore when you’re ready to jump in.

With the many beautiful beaches in Asia, sandals are must have footwear. Rather than wearing sneakers and getting sand in it and your socks then you’ll have to untie it before swimming, sandals are perfect as you are just one slip on and off away from those.

On top of this, they’re easy to pack since they don’t take much space in your luggage. This gives you more room for clothes, other necessities, and even souvenirs to bring home!

Key Takeaway

People use sandals all the time but there is no denying that their popularity and worth peaks during the hot summer months. They’re the ideal footwear to keep the feet and body cool and the perfect pair to trendy summer outfits. Additionally, they are so easy to slip on and off that you can be out the door in a matter of seconds.

But, truly, the place where they shine most is at the beach. No other type of footwear can offer the same level of convenience and protection that a pair of sandals can. With a good pair on, you can fully enjoy the refreshing sea breeze and relax to your heart’s content!

Adrian Crisostomo

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