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How to search best flight deals to any destination

Finding a reasonably cheap flight to your destination is always going to be a tiring task for everyone. Securing best flight deals to any destination can take a lot of your precious time and it can be an overwhelming job. With an infinite number of search engines at your disposal, and frequently shifting airline prices, any type of flight booking approach can be exhausting.

We have dedicated this post to help you in searching the best flight deals irrespective of flight destination. Hope you take something from it and save your time, money and avoid any hindrance when booking your next flight.

Make use of cookie-free private browsing

You need to keep your searches top secret. But from whom? Not from your friends or anyone else but from your very own browser. We are not crazy for telling you that prices increase after you have searched the web on your browser for a couple of times. It happens when you accept cookies in your browser for an enhanced search experience.  This allows your personal data to become visible to the parent website, which in turn can post higher prices of any destination to earn more profits.

To avoid being shown overpriced tickets, you need to browse through a private browser, or an incognito platform to see the lowest fares. If you are using a flight aggregator to make online flights comparison, you also need to clear your browsing history.

Make use of top-flight search engines

Multiple search engines have an exaggerated flight cost strategy as a part of taking a commission from the airliner. For this reason, some of the renowned flight search engines show more prices to their user. Always search multiple flight search engines before locking on your desired flight.

No flight search engine is ideal and there is a possibility that one flight ticket can be of low-cost, and the other extremely high-priced on the same platform.

Some of the best flight search engines are mentioned below:

  • Cheapoair
  • Skyscanner
  • Momondo
  • JetRadar
  • Google Flights
  • com
  • AirFare Watchdog
  • AirWander

Find the right time and day to fly

Flight rates vary a lot. While there is a common misconception between flyers that you can purchase low-cost airline tickets on weekdays. The reality is that there is no fixed truth to the booking system. Although weekday flights are commonly cheaper than weekends, it still depends a lot on the routes, and traveling density of people.

Flying with budget airlines

You can actually find comparatively cheaper tickets when flying with a budget airline, than any other conventional big time flyer. Although it is obvious, you will have to make some compromises on leg-room, in-flight entertainment, food, and drinks.

For your ease, we have listed some of the best budget airlines.

  • Flair Airlines
  • Swoop
  • Jetlines
  • Air Canada Rouge
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Jetstar
  • Southwest
  • Allegiant Air
  • Frontier
  • Spirit Airlines
  • Sun Country Airlines
  • WOW Air
  • Tiger Air
  • Scoot

Using connecting flights to reduce cost

If you are flying on a route, let’s just say from the United Kingdom to Australia, which typically involves 2 or 3 transfers. You can consider booking multiple legs of traveling by adding another destination to your trip. Not only you will be able to visit a new place and tick another to-do thing off your list.

It is imperative to exclude any tight layovers that are more than hours apart. Some of the airlines even provide a partnership with other airlines to ease your traveling in long distances.

Cheap places to take-off

Sometimes you need to think out of the box to find one cheap flight to your destination, or near your destination. If you live in a big city, the outbound flights from there will always be highly priced. But there is a small town with an airport nearby, and you have an option to fly from there as their prices will definitely be a little lower. Sometimes flight tickets are not that expensive, but they include a high amount of airport taxes. You can deduce them by flying from a least busy airport nearby.

Purchasing flights in bulk

Although highly probable, when you are traveling with a group of people, you can easily generate some discount by booking flights in bulk quantity. You can also buy in bulk of all the destinations you want to visit when traveling alone.

Be opportunistic

When searching for a top flight deal to any destination, you need to spend some time on flight search engines, travel agencies, and flight aggregators, to determine that one single impossible error that they have made in their sale fares. Sometimes airlines make mistakes, which can easily lead to some serious cut-rate flights. It can be any technical glitch, software malfunction, human input error, currency conversion mishap, or anything. Use that to your advantage and secure great rebates.

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Yougeshwar Hari is a blogger by passion and working as a search analyst in one of the leading digital marketing agency. Also, loves music, travelling, adventure, family and friends.

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