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Signs That Indicate You Need to Change Car Battery

Signs That Indicate You Need to Change Car Battery

There’s no doubt that battery is the lifeblood of a vehicle and without it the engine will not work, and neither will the electrical components of your car. Battery basically does all the heavy work of a vehicle, from igniting the engine to pumping fuel to different parts, and kicking off a chemical reaction. The lifespan of a battery depends on the condition of the vehicle and usage. Ideally a battery can last four years, provided its well-maintained and taken care of. Its recommended to start paying attention to your vehicle’s battery when it reaches year three mark and look for signs that can indicate a replacement.

Slow Engine Crank

It’s the very first sign that the battery needs to be looked at. With time, battery components wear out and it becomes less effective, taking longer than usual to ignite the engine. Once you start experiencing this book an appointment with the nearest autoshop and get your batteries checked. Search for the best Car Battery Dubai specialists and get the perfect fit for your vehicle.

Electrical Issues

Battery provides power to all the electrical components of your vehicle, like radio, GPS, and computerized dashboard. If you experience any flickering of light or dimness then it means that battery is losing its charge. The more pressure you’ll put on the battery, the faster it’ll drain and will make the engine cranking time even slower. Never push your car or its battery to the limit where it’ll start affecting other parts and damage them. Timely replacement will save you from additional expenses.

Engine Light

Another clear indication that the battery needs to be looked at is the engine light. If on, it’s telling you that the battery is running out of juice. Get it checked by experienced mechanic, ideally someone who has diagnostic and latest servicing equipment. 

Corroded Battery Terminals

Oxidation or corrosion around the terminals is another major sign that the battery is losing its power. Corrosion can lead to voltage issues and effect the overall performance of the battery. When you decide to get a new battery make sure its from a reliable source and comes with genuine warranty.

The cost of the battery depends on the type of vehicle, model, and the place from where you’re buying it. There are plenty of online options in the UAE like that provide market competitive rates. Once you buy from them, they even provide free services like delivery and installation, along with additional support. Their car registration services are also top-class, taking the hassle away from you. Maintaining a vehicle is getting easier and easier.

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