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Why sleep is skincare’s best friend

Skin care services in the Philippines can only do so much. You should also take it
upon yourself to make the effort to make your skin healthy. Taking care of yourself
means maintaining a healthy diet, creating to workout routines, and getting adequate
sleep. Skincare is also included in the various ways you can do self-care but you should
keep in mind that you need to complement the other factors.


Sleep is definitely skincare’s best friend which is why you should make sure that you are
getting enough shut-eye every night. Here are other reasons why sleep paired with the
best skincare can work like skin care services in the Philippines in an instant.


Skin Cell Regeneration
Sleep has been a well-known cause of skin cell regeneration. It is amazing how our
body heals after putting it to rest. Sleep affects the body by causing skin cell
regeneration. As you snooze, cell division is responsible for renewing and repairing skin
which is when your cells can receive the nutrients when they need it the most.
Skin cell regeneration that happens when you sleep is aided by the process of cell
turnover which refers to the production of new skin cells from the deepest layer of the
skin to the outermost layer of skin. This is when dead cells are shed off and replaced
with new ones. The replacement cells are healthier which is the reason why your skin
has that beautiful glow after a good night’s sleep. Sleeping adequately also builds
collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid which can result to a plump and translucent skin.


Increase in Blood Flow
A firm and smooth skin without signs of aging such as wrinkles and sagging is attributed
to the benefits of complementing your skincare routine with a great sleep pattern.
Allowing your body to rest increases your blood flow to the facial area overnight as it
lets go of pollutants and free radicals that you have accumulated throughout the day.
Ample rest helps repair the damage that your skin has incurred leading to a restored
complexion and a beautiful, radiant glow.


Stronger Immune System
Have you ever felt sluggish if you did not get enough sleep? That’s because not getting
adequate rest has adverse effects to your immune system. Depriving yourself of sleep
can suppress your immune system from functioning properly. Acne is one of the
probable causes of sleep deprivation because the infection of the bacteria that moves
deep within the pores are harder to fight off if your immune system is weak. Getting


enough sleep can improve your skin health by significantly reducing inflammation and
improving your immunity to certain viruses.


Key Takeaway
The next time you feel like your skincare routine is not working, you should think about
the time that you put into rest. Your skin problems may be caused by pushing your body
too much that you cannot get enough sleep. Always remember that sleep deprivation
can also bring about other negative health effects, all the more reason to overcome the
habit of staying up late, right? In addition to the plethora of skin benefits that you can
receive from a great snooze time, you should also think about these other health
benefits that will benefit you in the long run.

Neil Dimapilis

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