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Snow Leopard Photography: 3 Vital Questions that You Must Ask the Travel Agency

“Want to go for a snow leopard photography tour? If yes, then here are some questions that you must ask the travel agency prior booking.”

Have you been longing to get a glimpse of snow leopards, which is currently one of the most endangered species of wildcat/panther in the world? If yes, then what are you waiting for? Visit a travel agency that can arrange a trip for you that’ll take you to region(s) which are said to be the habitats of these fierce and rarely-found wild cats. Wondering, where do these wild and rarely found beasts live? Well, they are usually found in the snow-capped mountains of Central Asia. And some of the countries that are pretty serious about saving these endangered species are China, India, Nepal, Bhutan, Mongolia, and much more. So, to get a glimpse of these beautiful, snow-like white cats, you can visit either of these countries. But, if you want me to suggest only one country amongst these five where you can surely come across snow leopards then I would say, visit China or to be precise, the Qinghai province.

But yes, do not plan this trip yourself. Instead you need to get in touch with a travel agency that arranges snow leopard photography tour in the Qinghai Plateau province. Why? Of course, because going for such an adventurous photography tour without a guide is going to be very risky. There were many people who have lost their lives because of this. So, find a company and book a Qinghai tour package that’ll take you to regions where you can see these amazing big cats.

3 Questions You Need to Ask before Booking a Snow Leopard Photography Tour

Now you must be wondering, which spot in Qinghai is the ideal spot for finding snow leopards, right? Well, it’s none other than Sanjiangyuan. So, while booking a snow leopard photography tour package, ask them if this spot is included or not. And apart from this, there are several other things that you’ll need to ask such as:

  1. “What Kind of Vehicle Will You Provide?”

Snow leopards are always found on the steep and rugged terrain. Hence, asking the travel agency about what kind of vehicle they’ll provide is a must.

If they reply that they’ll provide a four-wheeled landcruisers and a logistic van, then only book the photography tour package from them.

  1. “Where Will You Accommodate Everyone?”

Since you’ll be visiting places that are no way near to any city or even a village, hence, it’ll be wise to ask them about the accommodation. If they are unable to give you details about the accommodation or give replies such as- “Sir it depends” or “Ma’am, we really don’t know”, then please refrain from choosing that company.

Any experienced and well-known company that arranges these kinds of tours would provide winter tents for the winter tours, and a full array of camping facility such as individual sleeping tents, cooking tent, dining tent, toilet tent and shower tent for summer tours in order to ensure that you feel comfortable.

  1. “What Kind of Food Will You Provide?”

Last but not the least, you need to ask them about the fooding details because obviously, finding ingredients, vegetables, fire, gas or any other elements that you need for cooking is next to impossible over there. If they say that you need to purchase snacks on your own before heading out for this photography tour, then do not choose that company and move on to a better travel agency that says that they’ll manage to cook authentic Chinese food for you.

So, these were the 3 questions that you need to ask prior booking a snow leopard photography tour. Hope this blog was helpful? If your answer is yes, then wait for my next blog that’ll be regarding volunteering panda bears in Chengdu, China.

Author bio: Philip He is a travel blogger and a snow leopard photography guide who has written several articles on wildlife in China. To know about panda bears, snow leopards, birds or other faunas, follow her articles.

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