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The Solo Female Travel Guide, Based on Our Favorite Films

If you are a movie freak and you have a steady subscription to high quality Internet packages such as Xfinity Triple Play, you must have streamed some of those amazing movies that involve a female protagonist who sets off to an amazing, self-discovering journey.  And there she finds the true meaning of life, goes through self-actualization, and sometimes runs into the love of her life, and eventually comes back as a different person altogether. Well, we love such movies and we are always inspired to travel to all those amazing places that they show in the movies.

Especially if you are a female, and you are entertaining the idea of setting out on one of these self-exploration journeys, you need to read this blog post. Well, we are always fascinated by how the female protagonists set off to these beautiful destinations and this is why we have created this travel bucket-list for solo female travel guide from some of our favorite movies of all times.

·        Greece (Oia)

If you have seen Oia, you can’t forget Lena’s trip. The scenes were filmed in Greece, in a coastal town of Santorini to be exact. Santorini is a much-celebrated travel destination anyway, and people flock there from all parts of the world. The blue and white themed iconic towns are a traveler’s dream. The crystal blue sparkling water and soaring cliffs create a majestic look. If you are looking for a picturesque, peaceful getaway, Santorini is your destination.

Try jumping in the blue waters like Amoudi Wharf in the movie.

·        Pacific Crest Trail (Wild)

Wild was an interesting watch. And the protagonist Cheryl (Reese Witherspoon) sets out on an incredible hike to the Pacific Crest Trail in an attempt to pull herself together and get her life back on track. The beautiful trail runs between Mexico to Canada. Cheryl has no traveling experience and she sets out to this adventurous trail that is known to be one of the toughest trails in the country. She tests her determination in the process. If you have an adventurous streak, try hiking on the incredible trail.

·        The Amazing Countries in Eat Pray Love

Eat Pray Love is perhaps the best of all these movies. Elizabeth left everything behind after she had to struggle with confused priorities in her life and a bad divorce. She sets out to an interesting self-discovery travel through the incredible countries of Italy, Indonesia, and India. Through her life-changing experience and itinerary, we have discovered some of the most amazing travel spots in the said countries. Needless to say, Bali island in Indonesia is always an amazing idea for globetrotters. So, organize an amazing and transformational trip for yourself.

·        Kamloops, Canada

The soccer shots in Bridget were filmed in Kamloops, a beautiful, welcoming city found in British Columbia. There is actually a lot to discover and explore in this Canadian city. If you are an outdoorsy type, try adding it to your list of nature-exploration adventures. Pick the season when you can do the activities like snowmobiling, ice fishing, and snowshoeing. It’s a great idea for solo travelers.

To have more travel inspiration from movies, subscribe to Xfinity Double Play and watch, stream your favorite movies, and keep your travel bucket list updated. Happy exploration!


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