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Home Building Process

Steps in the Home Building Process

Building a new home is interesting, especially when you think how the process works. Laneway house construction Vancouver gives you the best ideas to construct your house.

Home Building Process

Ground to Show

  1. Give a lot and you’ll decide where your home is at your place and where you want. Then show the ground to show it. For the survey it is a wise way to do this for you because it knows the code and boundaries of the area you are building.

Rough Grading

  1. Cleanliness, rough grading and excavation cleaning site is related to removing trees, roots and chairs. Any kind of grading includes wheat transfer, yard, drive and drainage you want. Then dig there, which is the hole for your base.

Temporary utility

  1. Temporary utility you will need to install power, water and portable tiles for your irrigation on the completion of construction.

Drill well

  1. Drill well if you need it properly, then it is a good idea to drill a well so that it can use it during your submarine construction.

Football-based concrete

  1. Football-based concrete that supports home-based. It can be put in wooden form or garbage.


  1. Foundation is the original support structure for the family. The basis for completion should be significantly more to be removed from home. Waterproof should also be waterproof for water prevention.

Slab pipe dough 

  1. Slab pipe dough is here to install any pipe where concrete is required.

Slabs are concrete 

  1. Slabs are concrete basins and garage floors to install and put.

Medical system 

  1. Medical system If you do not have a odor, then you should have a septic tank and a drainage field to handle your domestic waste.

Frame and weather

  1. Frame and weather protection is that when the walls, ceiling, windows and outer doors are stopped. This house keeps dry and free from any season. In addition, the interior floor and ceiling frame is installed at this time. Now it starts to look like a house!

Exterior side and trim

  1. Exterior side and trim are using it to sideways, plywood, stovo or to eliminate you.

The terrace just takes time

  1. The terrace just takes time – make sure the path pipe is entered and any fireplace will be installed first.

HVAC,Piping and Rotating

    13.HVAC, Piping and Rotating – This is when heat, cooling, piping and grinding wiring. After completing it, you need to check.

Drywall Casting

    14.After completing insulation and drywall casting inspection, you can start the insulation. Insulation is measured by its price. The large number provides more insulation. It is important to know that the cost of heating and cooling is possible. After the insulation is completed, the drywall can be maintained. First of all, he thrown on the walls and roof pairs of walls, then applying glue and seam mixture into almonds. We call it “hanging, recording and friendship”.

Primary and painted

15.Primary and painted primary and paint time to apply. It’s best before installing the floor. At this time, any outdoor paintings that may need to be completed may be completed.

The floor

  1. The floor can now be installed with hard wooden floor, vinyl and tile.

Internal doors

  1. Internal doors, trims, floors and moldings, and doors to install cabinets and countertops, doors, trims and cabinets.

Wooden floor

  1. Sand and decorative wooden floor is just cooled and coated with wooden floor first.

The Equipment

  1. The equipment of the equipment enters the stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, built-in microwave, washing machine, dryer, and any other equipment of your choice.


  1. Complete the plumbing, power and HVAC plumbers back to toilet, sink, tap and any other fixture. This is called primary. Electricians can then install the sockets, lights, switches, ceiling fans and doors of the door. They will also contact electrical appliances, stoves, air conditioners etc. Then the HVAC trend comes to install the stove and air conditioner to run.

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