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Supreme Court Case on Bahria Town

After the final settlement of the controversial land of Bahria city Karachi, there is another uncertainty in the market, referring to the remaining area excluded by Bahria Town during the SC hearings. It is now very obvious that the city of Bahria could only acquire 16896 acres, while the actual planned area extends over 25000 acres. Bahria Town had pledged before the honorable judges that the affected members, who had been sold land in the unauthorized area, within the legalized country, d. H. 16896 acres, a substitute option would be granted.

Supreme Court on Bahria

Since there is no such officially revised map in Bahria Town that will be made public, some unofficial versions of the revised master plan will circulate on the market, giving us a better overview of the disputed and vacated land. Since Bahria Town has not challenged the validity of the master plan, we can use these plans to understand which districts are currently in the safe zone and which districts are likely to be replaced.

Since the Supreme Court has instructed the government not to assign any land of government in the surrounding area to the city of Bahria, we cannot say with certainty where the affected areas are being moved. It is part of Sports City Precinct 38, 40 and 41 and is located in the Jamshoro district. Since all older districts have a much higher value and the city of Bahria does not have enough land to accommodate the affected members, there is a high probability that new districts will be relocated to the Jamshoro district.

Bahria Town Karachi Prices after SC Case:

The Karachi case in Bahria has been resolved, and we are seeing a large positive price increase in the Karachi districts in Bahria. This is a very positive indication for investors and many investors are rushing to buy land and houses as Bahria Town Karachi prices are gradually rising after the SC case resolved in March 2019 and prices are rising after this case is resolved Each property at least 5 to 6 Lac. This is good news for the people investing in Bahria Town Karachi and it is also good news for the future.

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