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The Statements That Never Ask From Traveler

As every-one knows that Pakistan’s first online travel company gives its services from many years ago in traveling/tourism. Our all articles focused on passengers or tourist’s guideline, aware them from all the aspects of traveling either it’s domestically or internationally. We sprinkle lights on every minor and major issue which create problem for travelers.  Infect you can say that the beauty of our articles are base on “passenger and tourists.”

Today we examined a fresh topic which is the problem of irritation to the visitors. Yes, you are right, among us mostly people asked very irrelevant query which become a cause infuriating. Let’s suppose some-one decide to go trip from Lahore To New-York with most afford-able travel deals, then other interviewed him that things which forced to hating, the hated questionnaires listed down.

  1. Why You Travel Alone?

Mostly tourist go alone because his initiative authentic discoveries. Which requires deeply focus and tourists decided to go alone on this type of journey. But mostly people ask him that why travel alone? Are you like loneliness or your journey learnt you loneliness this type of questions too much irritated? Everything has its own benefits like lonely traveling gives you chance to understand your-self and you can meet your soul clearly but no-one under-stand it and put question without senses.

  1. What Your Family Says About Your Habit?

Everyone has right to take their life’s decision without any restriction. When we talk about tourists then it understand from the world travel that this person want to live freely in open air with ambitious aim and they have talent to convince their family members according to desires but people have no rights to asked them personal questions like about families or family permission because sometimes it relate may be emotional time-series and hurt them.

  1. How Much Money You Spend On Your Tourism?

Traveling has not concern with money because it relate with soul. Not every travelers want to discus on this subject because they earn for maintain his life style according him. People have already planned that how they maintain their finance. Many tourist willing to spend their saving, some depends on borrow or funds but it have them personal opinions. Like some spend their money on parties, health items, gym,  vehicles, houses and invest in any beneficial term. So don’t ask any type of irrelevant links because it’s not entertained them.

  1. Don’t You Get Bore In Visiting?

If ask travelers that aren’t you get bore, so it’s very object-less talk because why tourist bored when it a hobby of it. A traveler displeases from eating but he never annoyed from visiting. People must have sense to talking because its known and well defined true that traveler can live with-out necessary needs but he can’t live without traveling. So must ask that question which create interest for other person non than that which irritate him.

  1. You Haven’t Proper Job?

The most obnoxious question to ask anyone in the world is about job and salary. Every individual has its own perspective to spend its life-style. The persons who are not interested in traveling they can’t understand about travelers’ job and interest because long-time tourists are a full time bloggers and photographer. They don’t go back from their responsibilities infect they get jobs according to interest. Therefore, don’t interfere in anyone life because it has different opinions and values that pertaining better life.


At the end conclude the topic we suggest you that should ask related and that question which near his experience by asking him you also get knowledge and newly information as compare to that which create awkward moments both of you. For more informative articles must visit our blog page and for traveling booking you can approach on our Website and reserve your plan anytime without any hesitation.


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