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Things to Do in Tokyo: 12 Must-See Attractions in Japan

As summer is nearing we would have started planning for our vacation. Among the thousands of options that hit your mind keep Tokyo as one of the options. Tokyo happens to be one of the best places with a variety of top restaurants holding about 14 three star hotels. Also, it is the center for shopping. So everyone braces yourself to enjoy your time in Tokyo by visiting the places that make you miss a heartbeat. So, book your tickets right away using Agoda coupons.

Some among them are,

The Sensōji temple

The temple has a very old history which dates back to AD 645. Kannon, the Buddhist Goddess is the one for whom the temple is dedicated for. It holds the highest number of tourist visits in a year. It is situated in a place called Asakusa. The “Thunder Gate” is one of its main attractions that bring in a lot of visitors.

The imperial palace

The imperial palace which is centuries old is still occupied by the emperor of Japan. It is open only for specific days. It is a 17th-century historic monument.  The palace is surrounded by thick walls on all sides. The imperial palace east garden is another breathtaking attraction. The Sakura flowers which bloom here are really beautiful to see.

Ginza district

Hey, shopaholics give a heads up as this is the place for you. It has been the busiest shopping sector of Tokyo. Another notable aspect is that it is the place where the five ancient roads connecting the major cities meet. Kabuki-za Theatre, which another famous spot is also situated here.

Ueno Park and zoo

It is the oldest zoo in Japan surrounded by lush green everywhere. It is opened in 1882 and a must-see spot in Tokyo. Shinobazu Pond and Aqua zoo are among its attractions.

Tokyo sky tree

Situated in Sumida district your trip becomes pointless if you fail to see this place. It stands upright and is 634 meters tall. It is much older and one among the tallest communication observatory.

Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo happens to be a good place for kids and adults as well with Disneyland situated there. Established in 1983 it happens to be the 4th most visited theme park in the world. The Tokyo Disney sea has been inspired by legendary myths after which it’s ports are named.


Known as the sleepless town of Tokyo happens to be the most happening place. Kabukicho is the house of a number of bars, love hotels hostess bars, etc. So enjoy your time with some wine and night club dances.

Tokyo tower

The 332.5 meters tower is the largest self-supporting tower in Tokyo. It is also a major communication and observation tower. It gives an awesome view of the foot town and Zojoji Temple.  So make it a point to visit that place as well.

Shibuya Crossing

This is one of the world’s most famous crossing. More than a hundred people are said to cross it at a time. Most of you would have seen this via movies and films. So add this to your list as well.

Pokemon center mega Tokyo

All the Pokemon fans out there this is your home. The store has a wide range of Pokemon originals and other accessories related to Pokemon. This is a famous shopping spot.

The Meiji shrine

This 1915 building has a history of its own to tell all its visitors. After a major blow during the world war II it some happened to survive and was built. The temple is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife, Empress Shōken.

Tokyo national museum

The Tokyo National Museum was opened in 1938. It is the home a wide number of sculptures, art, and other collectibles. Over 100,000 notable and important art pieces are found here.

The above-mentioned places are only a handful of admirable and mind-blowing places. There is still a lot of places which will make your summer vacation the most memorable time. Book tickets immediately. You can also go in for Agoda coupons.

Safe journey!


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