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How About A Thriving Cross-Canada Adventure With Your Family

Canada is beautiful, and there are so many reasons why you should definitely explore the place and experience real adventure with your family. But facts like distance, climate, and the cost associated with domestic travel can sometimes make it difficult to explore the country.

So where to begin? Should we start with British Columbia or explore Newfoundland and Labrador? In all honesty, any cross-the-country trip should start with planning.

Getting the Right Ride

To visit and make the most out of your trip to this spectacular country, it is vital that you have the right ride. Trans-Canada Highway makes up to the list of one of the longest roads in the world. It stretches to 8030 km starting from St. John and all the way to British Columbia.

Do you really think you have the perfect ride to enjoy a thriving cross-Canada adventure? Do you think about ‘comfort’ as an inevitable factor? If not, it’s time you should. To make the trip more fun, it is important that you find a vehicle that’s not only ‘tough enough’ to cross four islands, boreal forests, tundra, prairies and national parks, a few thousand lakes, glaciers, and high peaks but is also comfortable enough to carry you and your family.

When planning, picking the right car should be your first priority. Van trucks and SUVs are some great options to check out.  Next, pack judiciously. It’s a road trip, and there are tons of things you need to think about before packing. You don’t want to overload – considering the limited space – but at the same time don’t want to leave behind important things. Once your initial trip planning is done, you can jump to the real deal.

The Cross-Country Canadian Adventure

Canada is home to multicultural customs and communities. Its welcoming atmosphere, vibrant cities, and awe-inspiring scenery make it perfect to explore for a great adventurous trip.

The following are the must-visit places while road tripping across Canada. Ideally, you will begin with the west coast – the beautiful British Columbia.

British Columbia

If you are interested in spectacular sights of the mountains, the native Canadian Rockies should not be missed. British Columbia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful provinces in the country. To serve the adventurous side of you, feel free to take a hike on highest mountains.

The ideal driving route passes through the Kootenay Rockies and will give you the perfect sight to the mountainous landscape of Canada. Enjoy hot springs, national parks, and much more on the way!


Do not miss out the Jasper SkyTram to discover everything Alberta has to offer. Not only you will get a chance to witness Jasper National Park at a birds eye-view, but you can also check out the Summit of Whistler Mountains when you hit the ground.

If wildlife interests you or your kids, the Albertan landscape is the best place to explore some. Apart from the gorgeous scenery that you can witness whenever you raise the gaze, the Banff National Park is a different level altogether. With alpine landscapes, forestry, glaciers, mountainous terrains, and ice fields – this place has something for everyone!


The most unique thing about driving through the country is the serene and relaxing ‘feel’ you can experience when passing the prairies.

Manitoba is home to a plethora of adventurous and fun activities sprawling in a prairie parkland stretched to 3000km. When in Manitoba, don’t forget to visit the most picturesque town, Wasagaming, known for its beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters.


Ontario can be your next major stop during your cross-Canada adventure trip. Drive to Thunder Bay from Winnipeg and experience nature, history, and outdoor art at its best. However, you can’t complete your Ontario trip unless you visit its big city – Toronto.

Three hours away from the Parry Sound, Toronto is the hub of versatile sights and culture. And while you are there, do not keep your children from witnessing one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the famous Niagara Falls. The scene is indeed remarkable and should be experienced by everyone taking a trip through Canada.

Newfoundland and Labrador

It could take several days or weeks to drive all the way through Newfoundland – thanks to its massive size. Let your kids enjoy the beautiful bays, traverse mountains, inland drives, and the coast. You can even ditch your car for a while and take a ferry to Marine Atlantic and watch massive icebergs and humpback whales.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to add the Avalon Peninsula between the Conception Bay and Trinity Bay to your must-visit destinations list. Your trip to Newfoundland will remain incomplete without it. Also, you don’t want to miss the scenic views, outpost communities, and a sprawling coastline as you drive through.

Making Your Cross-Canada Trip Thriving

The idea is to prioritize and be clear about what you want to see and experience. A country as vast as Canada, with massive provinces, can be very time consuming to explore in detail. Of course, a road trip should be anything but daunting. So make sure you know where you are heading.

Planning and organizing before setting out on the trip can make it more fun and less hassle. But engaging with your loved ones and having a family time while you are on the roads has its own charm. Make sure you plan a trip full of engagements, fun, and personal time.

With road trips, you can always keep your expectations high. In addition to what you plan to see, many things come as a surprise – mostly pleasant ones. So keep yourself open for that. Capture the memories, enjoy every moment, and make every second count as you set out on a cross-Canada adventure trip!





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