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Tips for Travelers Who Are Overweight

Tips for overweight travelers
                                                                      Tips for overweight travelers

Traveling is always a dream for many people. In fact traveling is a dream for almost everyone. We all would want to roam freely, see the world, and explore every nook and corner of the places we go. But there are many obstacles that stop us from doing so. One of them is being overweight. I personally had a lot of trouble traveling because I am chubby and I don’t have the flexibility that is needed to become a traveler. But that is not entirely true. You don’t always need flexibility. If you have the passion in you, you can do it. All you need to know is just a few tips to travel even when you are a bit overweight. So that is what I did. I found out simple niche ways to convert this obstacle into a normal thing and continue traveling because I wouldn’t want to compromise on my traveling dreams. If you are someone like me who would want to travel but thinks that being overweight is an obstacle then this article is for you. Read along these tips for travelers who are overweight.

  1. Make sure you book your tickets a little early and grab the window seats in the flights because they are comparatively wider than the other seats. You get to have a lot of space for yourself and it also helps you stretch occasionally if your legs go numb.
  2. Look for airlines and flights that have a two seat configuration and not three. This way you might have the chance of purchasing both the seats and your place gets a little extra roomier. Yay! Comforts increased.
  3. The next thing you should be doing is to stop feeling embarrassed of your physical self. If you find people looking at you hustling, don’t just bother. Ignore everyone around you so that you don’t panic right away. You can control yourself and feel relaxed only when you avoid attracting those negative vibes. There is nothing wrong with being a little extra fleshy.
  4. Arrive a little early to the airport on the day of boarding so that you can check-in and walk around at a slower pace which is usually the normal pace for plump people like me. I have always had this issue with myself. Whenever I had to go somewhere or board a flight, I sued to walk faster and then feel exhausted. And once you board your flight tired, you start to feel dizzy. To avoid all this mess, I prefer walking slowly and relax well before boarding my flight. This way I would not catch my breath.
  5. Wear your most comfortable clothes to avoid feeling irked or the sweaty feeling that most of the plump people have while traveling. The primary concern of yours should be your comfort. Make a note of it.
  6. Always prefer trolley bags to the normal ones that are supposed to be carried. Normal bags must be carried and we might end up feeling tired after that. So to avoid the exhaustion, prefer trolley bags and drag them wherever you want.
  7. Take deep breaths whenever you get the chance. Find some place to sit or stand for a while after walking or hustling around. These kinds of frequent breaks and inhaling-exhaling of air are very much helpful. They keep you hydrated and refresh you from time to time by helping you in recovering from your kinetic tasks. Of course, water intake is a must!
  8. It is always a good option to look for either first class or business class tickets. The seats present in these classes are bigger compared to the economic class. If you are worried that business class flights are going to be costly, then maybe you should try joining the programs that help you earn extra air miles. This way you can freely upgrade to a first class or a business class. There are also online travel agencies like Indian Eagle that offer some of the best offers and deals along with the lowest airfares for business class flights. You should check them out.

All these tips are super-useful only if you wish to let go of your hesitations and start traveling feeling. Being overweight is totally not an issue and that is why you should feel normal about it. So push aside every other negative thought, start traveling and live your life with the best possible options. Bon Voyage!

Srilu Uppari

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