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Tips for Travelling to Barcelona in Low Budget!

At what time of year should I travel? Is it always convenient to buy tickets in advance? All the answers are in this guide, with tools and tricks to find the cheapest rates.

Many travellers enjoy the challenge of finding the cheapest flights to Barcelona possible, when buying their air tickets. Here are some tips to achieve the objective, listing a series of tools and tricks that facilitate the search process. In addition, I also recalled that curiosity, patience and perseverance are fundamental to undertake the hunt for cheap flights.


  1. Plan ahead:

If you want to get a flight during special dates (such as long weekends or holidays), you must search at least 40 days before the trip to get a good rate. Also, booking in advance is important because there is a greater availability of proposals.

However, I think that it is a relative factor in some occasions: “If you want to take tickets for high season like January, the Holidays or Holy Week, it should be done with a little more anticipation than usual, but as there is a very high demand for tickets for those dates, there are usually no promotional prices because airlines know that the flights are going to be full “, I stressed, although I clearly think that trying to get cheap tickets on the date of travel is not usually a viable option. In general, prices start to increase three weeks before the flight.

  1. Lean for the low season:

It is the period where rates are more convenient and it is a good time for those who seek tranquillity out of the tourist wave.

  1. Filter the results:

According to the maximum rate that each one is willing to pay, I offer you to refine your search and find flight options that do not exceed the maximum personal budget. Perform a search, the user must complete the date of their trip, confirm the destination chosen and the price which he/she is willing to pay and get results which meets your criteria.

  1. Be flexible on the dates and destinations:

It can help a lot to reduce costs if the traveller can adapt his itinerary according to the best offer of available flights. Sometimes the price difference between one day and the next can be literally thousands of pesos. It is also usually cheaper to fly to capitals and large cities, and from there, take a land transport or an internal low cost airline.

Taking a ticket to Barcelona or an airport near Barcelona, in many cases represents a significant saving by only a few kilometres away.


  1. Scale flights:

This rule is not always met, but in general, direct flights are more expensive than those with one or two stopovers. But according to the criterion of the passenger, if the money difference not so great, it may be preferable to pay a little more but save on time and comfort.

  1. Promotions:

By booking in time, you can be attentive to promotions. Like in many travel agencies they have holiday proposals for all audiences, and are generating new promotions like “Crazy week”, “Promo 2D”, “Hot sale” and “Travel sale”, among others.

At many agencies they agree: travellers can find “excellent options” for discounted flights, within the framework of events like “Hot sale”, “Cyber Monday“, “Travel Sale” or “Days Discounts”.

  1. Financing:

To find the best rate, it is also important to consider whether the air can be financed. It is that the combination of a good price and a good financing generates a more convenient proposal. According to the agencies, between 70% and 90% of customers are inclined to finance their trip in instalments without interest.

  1. Identify the best month:

The option is ideal for those who have not yet planned the date of the trip but have the destination defined. In the flight search, you can find the lowest prices for each month.

  1. Subscribe to the newsletters:

Exclusive offers can be received via email and receive promotional news. In addition, many agencieshave developed the free mobile application where it offers unique offers for mobile devices.

Many agencies also recommend that you enable Facebook notifications for pages that publish offers. Airlines, agencies and price comparison sites often share different types of cheap flights, for example “Get Cheap Flights to Barcelona” or flights to stockholm from london.

  1. Advise:

When closing a trip, doubts arise. Although the traveller usually investigates via Internet, sometimes he needs to contact a specialized agent.

  1. Use comparators:

The same fare may vary by airline and / or travel agency. By using a price comparator, you can quickly compare the prices of different suppliers for the same destination and the date of travel. This allows you to save the time it would take to enter separately from the website of each tourism agency.

  1. Be informed:

When undertaking the punctual search, it is first necessary to make an evaluation of the prices for the different times of the year, to have realistic expectations as to the possibility of finding offers. Thus, it is already known in advance that you will not get the same price in July or January – high season high – than in October. After researching, you can easily recognize what a good price is for a certain date and destination.

  1. Do not buy on weekends:

It is said that buying tickets on Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays is expensive, as it is the time of the week when more time is spent on the investigation, airlines and agencies speculate and raise their prices. Following the myth, airlines launch promotions on Monday and, if they cannot sell as much as they expected, prices drop Tuesday. This does not necessarily work this way, as flight offers can appear at any time, but with a try on a Tuesday you will not miss a thing.

  1. Christmas Eve or New Year on the plane:

The time of the New Year and the January holidays are the most expensive times of the year to travel. However, prices for flying on December 24 or 31 – and even January 1 – can be quite cheaper. Of course, they are flights intended for those who have no problem sacrificing family reunions and celebrating on the plane or at an airport.


  1. Modification and cancellation conditions:

Sometimes, finding cheap deals for the dream destination can lead travellers to buy tickets with dates that are not what they were looking for, with the intention of modifying them later. Attention! This implies paying penalties that, depending on the airline, can cause the final price to end up being higher than if a ticket had been purchased at a regular price. Before buying hastily, it is advisable to check with each airline the modification and cancellation policies.

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Author Bio:

This article has been written by Daniyal Buksh, a professional content strategist and a blogger who loves writing informational and interactive content for the readers. You can catch him at Facebook.



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