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Top 4 Cars with Lowest Maintenance Cost

So you are now ready to own a car. Aside from the overall performance and appearance of the vehicle, you also have to consider the maintenance costs that comes with a particular car. Of course you have to consider the costs you will incur in the maintenance and upkeep of the car. Say for example, you need to buy a muffler for sale in the Philippines, you would need to find the perfect fit for the vehicle. Same as in buying a car, you need to shell out a few extra cash for car care and preventive maintenance that you need to do.

Before you move forward and go on with the decision of buying that car you are eyeing on, check out these cars with the lowest maintenance costs and think about their potential as your next dream car:


Toyota Prius

Car maintenance is something that you cannot avoid and Toyota knows this that is why they produce cars that do not leave a dent in your budget. The Toyota Prius is one of them. It is considered one of the cheapest vehicles when it comes to car maintenance costs with the costs amounting to around Php 20,210 per year – depending on your service provider – to maintain a Prius, this is largely around Php 202,100 for a span of ten years.


Kia Soul

Another vehicle that will give you the quality of having a low-maintenance cost is the Kia Soul. This front-engine, front-wheel drive, five-door compact crossover would not give you a headache in maintaining its parts and performance. Manufactured by the well-known Korean company, Kia, it has been manufactured and marketed worldwide with its maintenance cost ranging from Php 22,000 for an annual maintenance to Php 220,00 for over ten years.

Toyota Camry

Another Toyota car in this list is the Camry, which has been praised by its manufacturer as their second “world car” after the Corolla. It has been aptly named because its enduring reputation as one of the least expensive vehicles to maintain is evidenced by the Php 24,000 annual maintenance costs to Php 244,000 in a span of ten years.


Honda Fit

Honda has been a prime player in the car manufacturing industry for a long time now so it is not surprising that they have their own version of a cost-effective car. The Honda Fit holds its ground as a top performer with all the variations it comes in. The Fit is a handsome car but it does not come with an equally handsome maintenance cost. It will only cost you around Php 25,850 of upkeep each year and Php 258,500 good for a decade’s use.


Key Takeaway

Car maintenance is essential if you want to make sure that your vehicle still performs at top speed even as it ages. Good thing that these cars can let you do that without asking too much of your bank account just like a great muffler for sale in the Philippines. Swing by these dealerships and ask about these models, their variations and the maintenance costs that comes with them.

Erika Ann

Digital marketing specialist, content creator and marketer. Writer at EmpanadaBites

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