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Kadappuram beach resort of Thrissur

Top 5 Budget Resorts in Kerala

There are numerous luxurious resorts in Kerala, which are focused on providing a unique experience during your vacation. Luxury resorts are not for everyone. Do you know that there are numerous budget resorts, which provide almost similar luxury experience, at an affordable price?

Are you looking for a unique way to enjoy your vacation in Kerala? Here are five resorts, which would suit your budget.

1. Bohemian Masala of Varkala Beach

This is the best you can get for a budget price. You can get a good view of the beach, from the resort. You will be staying amidst lush banana grooves and enjoy a semi-luxurious vacation. The resort holds many terracotta cottages, which include services like Ayurveda treatment, yoga, meditation, organic restaurant and so on. The décor is simple and minimalistic. Your stay will be peaceful and very close to nature.

Bohemian Masala of Varkala Beach

2. Fort House of Cochin

Although tagged as a resort, Fort House is more of a beach hotel. You can spot a little waterfront from the hotel, take a walk along the beach, spot Chinese Fishing Nets, and enjoy beach activities and so on. The hotel has just 16 rooms, surrounded by lush garden. The garden is decorated with terracotta sculptures. The architecture resembles colonial Dutch building, giving more beauty to your stay. The hotel also includes a waterside restaurant, Ayurveda spa, small theater for cultural performances and so on.

Fort House of Cochin

3. Karikkathi Beach House of Kovalam Beach

This beach house holds just two native property buildings, which give a seclusion feel to your stay. You cannot find any lush amenities in this resort. However, you can enjoy an authentic Kerala vacation, which home cooked meal, beach activities, breathtaking view and much more. If you want a whole hotel to yourself, this is the best way. Staying out of commercialization is the best way to enjoy Kerala.

Karikkathi beach house of Kovalam Beach

4. Kanan Beach Resort of Nileshwar

Located in a secluded part of Kerala coast, this is the place of quiet water bodies, empty beaches and traditional lifestyle. This resort is located close to the beach and you can even spot water birds from your room. Apart from basic resort amenities, this resort is also famous for a small spa, cruise services, pre-arranged tours and a serene garden filled coconut trees, flowering plans and hammocks.

Kanan Beach Resort of Nileshwar

5. Kadappuram Beach Resort of Thrissur

The resort is located around 25 km away from Thrissur. This beach resort holds just 12 cottages and are famous among eco-tourists. The resort is very close to a lagoon, which provides many water activities for the guests. The resort provides many Ayurveda programs like steam baths, daily massages and yoga. The garden of the hotel holds many unique plant species and more than 600 coconut trees. Ayurveda beverages are served as a part of the program.

Kadappuram beach resort of Thrissur

Apart from these, there are numerous other budget-friendly resorts in Kerala to enjoy numerous luxurious options with your family, without burning a large hole in your wallet. Surf for more options and choose the one, which would fit your profile.

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