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Top 5 Exhilarating Things to do in Hawaii With Your Better Half


Love… is in the air. And on Hawaii’s myriad collection of islands, it flows through the creeks, peeks through the foliage, and walks bare feet on the golden sand beaches. That is why this volcanic archipelago, located in the central Pacific Ocean, is a trending destination for lovebirds. Couples from all around the world, who come here to foster their romance and fuel their passion.

Do you know what the winning point here is? The island’s general ‘tranquil’ ambiance, which somehow doesn’t coincide with the fact that it’s a super popular getaway. Usually, overcrowded areas tend to lack that proper privacy which budding couples really need. But Hawaii, due to its mysterious peace and friendly locals, its wide expanse and opportunities for mutual activities, its hidden nooks, and unexplored treks hit right on the mark for being one of the best romantic destinations ever.

However, the sheer possibility of options is enough to confuse a sensible individual. There are thousands of places to visit in Hawaii, and thousands of things to do. Which ones should you go for and which ones should you avoid? It’s totally up to you. Just be sure to conduct thorough research online over Local Cable Deals internet or some such connection, and book your tickets and reservations in advance. If you have trouble planning your romantic itinerary, then you can consult the following exhilarating activities, which you can try, with your better half.

Cliff Jumping at South Point

Cliff Jumping

On the south side of Hawaii’s KA LAE Island, there is a cliff, projecting out to the deep blue sea, which rises up to forty feet above the sea level. It is also known as the ‘South Point’, and is famous for rendering a remarkable cliff jumping experience. You can head over there with your loved ones, and have a thrilling time dropping off the steep ledge, and right into the wide expanse of the refreshing water. There is nothing like strengthening your bond over a major dose of adrenaline rush.

Helicopter Tour at HILO

Helicopter Tour at HILO

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to behold things from a bird’s eye view? In truth, it would be nothing short of majestic, because you’ll get an opportunity to look at things in their entirety, not from a single, limited perspective. This is the sort of an experience, which the Paradise Helicopter Tours, based in HILO, crucially aims for. You can easily book a trip around Hawaii’s famous spots, check out the flowing magma and the active lava floors, gaze at the treetops of the rain forests. Furthermore, don’t forget to see the vast ocean dotted here and there with colorful reefs.

Stargazing at MAUNA KEA


A wondrous ‘white mountain’, having an altitude of about 13, 796 feet, lies on the southernmost side of the Hawaiian Islands. And this dormant volcanic feature is famous for the subliminal views it gives to the visitors. MAUNA KEA is a star-gazing haven in every sense of the word. From its Visitor’s Station deck, you can watch the constellations in their breathtaking enormity, and especially the Saturn rings with its moons. You can snuggle in a blanket with your loved one, sip a hot cup of cocoa and gaze at the heavens. Sounds super romantic, right?

Spa Relaxation at Halekulani


Nothing works better than accompanying your better half in a full spiritual and physical rejuvenation session as offered in Hawaiian spas. Halekulani comes to mind, especially, in this regard, located in Oahu. The treatments in this resort touch various therapies, including Nonu Samoan Massage (using hot stones), Shiatsu deep finger pressure massage, aromatherapy, conditioning body polish, Atoxelene Oxygen Facial, Serenity hair and scalp massage, steam shower, romantic bubble baths, sided with champagne and sugary delights. The couples get a full exclusive service and a suite of their own. Sweet, right?

Sea Turtle Haven at Kīholo Bay

Sea Turtle

To see the turtles, you need to head over to the northern side of the Hawaiian Islands, further up the Kailua Kona area. There, you will chance upon a secluded beach that is marked by an ancient lava flow. It is signified by the tide pools, the tubes, and the blackish sand. The locals call this picturesque site, Kīholo Bay. It is here that the endangered green sea turtles come to rest and bask in the warm sun. You can see them up close and even swim with them in the sparkling turquoise-colored waters. Following this refreshing dip, you can have a romantic walk along the beach with your significant other.

So, as you can see, Hawaii is definitely one of the best romantic getaways one could possibly imagine. There are so many activities for couples to do together, so many chances and options to reignite that flame between them. If love dominates your life these days, then do give Hawaii a shot.


Having completed his studies in Marketing and Media, Farhan Suleman has ample experience in the field of content marketing. He regularly writes blogs pertaining to the ongoing trends and never fails to inspire his readers with an interesting read. Apart from writing, he is an enthusiastic chess player with a rating of more than 1800 Elo.

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