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Top 8 Places to Visit in the World

It happens that real impressions do not justify hopes. Often, because of the heightened expectations that are created by perfectly photographed sights and enthusiastic stories of travelers. But at the same time understand that reality may be different than you imagine.

Here we discuss the list of places in the world are:

  1. Greece, Santorini Island


A magical island with snow-white perfect houses on the slopes and a beautiful view of the sea – romance. Santorini advertising with beautiful sunsets attracts tourists from all over the world. But reality is not as rosy as they say.

Crowds of tourists do not allow to enjoy the views. The prices in the cafe are space, and it’s unrealistic to wait for a free table. In the season, there is an incredible heat, there is almost no shadow. And the island itself is very small. Two days there is enough. Tourists buy vouchers for a week, and start to miss already on the third day.

  1. Italy, the canals of Venice


Old Venice is beautiful only in stories. In fact, the dirty-gray, unpleasantly smelling canals and houses, falling apart from the damp and old age. Everywhere the fungus is wet and spreading. Crowds of tourists and dray food prices. If you do not want disappointment avoid general hysteria and do not go on expensive gondolas. Better on the river tram – then you will see Venice from the beautiful side.

  1. Cyprus, Paphos, the field of Aphrodite


On Paphos, they love to make money on the name of Aphrodite. The most famous attraction is the Aphrodite deposit, the beach where the Goddess emerged from the foam of the sea. They tell you a wonderful story, drive a few hours on the bus to see … on an ordinary wild beach. Nothing special – there are so many in Cyprus. No magic and romance.

  1. Paris and Eiffel Tower


The most romantic city in the world for many leaves double feelings, it s everything promised here is there, but that magic atmosphere is not enough. There is even such a disorder “Paris Syndrome” – a feeling of disappointment when visiting Paris. Tourists complain of dirt, crowds of migrants and pickpockets. The Eiffel Tower is just a big piece of iron with thousands of people around. And the promised “magnificent view of Paris” on top of the tower is very average. It is better to climb Montparnasse if you want to look at beauty.

Paris is a popular brand city. Therefore, get ready for the crowds of tourists at any time of the year and do not walk alone at night.

  1. India, Agra, Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Photos of the massive dazzling white palace beckon. Most expect to experience reverent awe just by looking at the great “monument of love.” But the impression is spoiled by crowds of tourists and beggars extorting money.

Going to the Taj Mahal, try not to open your mouth too much and stay attentive – there are a lot of pickpockets here. A total inspection at the entrance also leaves unpleasant impressions: they take away all the food, cigarettes, flashlights, lighters and scissors.

Many recommend coming right at dawn, so as not to stand a long queue. But this also has its minus – in the morning the Taj Mahal is in a fog, and you can hardly make beautiful photos until 10-11 o’clock.

  1. USA, New York, Island and Statue of Liberty


It’s time to rename the landmark in the “Queue Island”. To look at the Statue, you need to buy a ticket in advance, print out in advance, try to get on the ferry from the Battery Park Pier, go through a security check – all with wild bursts. Plus, the “Freedom that illuminates the world” itself is quite small, which is a surprise for most tourists. It is smaller than our Motherland by 6 meters.

It is quite reminiscent of the monument to Lenin, which stands on almost every main square of our country. So you can not feel the Spirit of Freedom. If you do not want to spoil your impressions queues, come to the ferry early in the morning.

  1. Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Carnival


Prices at the time of the carnival raise everywhere – in cafes, shops, hotels. However, the cheapest ticket to the upper tribunes for sambodrome will be inexpensive – about 1,500 rubles. But from these seats it is very difficult to see, and the participants, when they reach cheap places, no longer even dance.

A ticket to the central stand, where you can enjoy the view, will cost from 18,000 to 100,000 rubles. You will pay for the monotonous and very loud music, from afar you will see a crowd of half-naked people (many of whom are not at all in good physical shape), and you will fall for pickpockets. Carnival – a beautiful picture on the TV, but in fact – a holiday for the locals.

  1. UK, Stonehenge


When you fly halfway around the world to look at the famous “cosmic” stones, you expect something huge to take your breath away. In fact, everything is not so. Stones are not very big and not quite so exciting.

Visit the “alien miracle” is possible only at certain times. There is going to a huge crowd of tourists, because of which it is impossible to make normal and photos, and even come close to the stones. And do not expect to see a bright blue sky and emerald grass: most often in this place is rainy, dull and gray.


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