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8 tips to avoid jetlag in flights

Top 8 Tips to Avoid Jetlag on Long International Flights

Most of you, who tend to travel a lot, must be familiar with the term of jetlag. Its basically, jetlag is a physiological condition which causes certain alterations in our body’s circadian rhythm (our biological cycle that tells our bodies when to sleep, rise, eat, etc). Our body can take several days to catch up that leap caused by flying through different time zones. Symptoms of jetlag might include restlessness during the day, insomnia, poor concentration, lack of appetite and other discomforts.

So, here we tried to put together some tips and tricks to avoid the jetlag.

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Follow us down through the post to know the ways to avoid jetlag on long-international flights.

Avoid Overeating & Restrain Caffeine Intake

Almost before the 12 hours before your scheduled flight departure try to avoid overeating and if possible try to restrain the caffeine intake.

Its suggested because you can suffer jetlag due to the uneasiness caused by overeating in your stomach during your flight and caffeine intake would keep you awake during your flight but your body needs sleep instead to beat jetlag. If you cut the sleep time on your flight this will add to jetlag during long-haul flights.

Stay Hydrated

The easiest way to kick Jetlag is to keep your body well-hydrated. Drink adequate amount of water every hour of the flight. Do carry a prescribed eye-drops and moisturizing lotion to keep your eyes and skin hydrated respectively. Also for your comfort several airlines companies provide little kits with moisturizing and hydrating things inside to the first and business class travelers.

Curb the Alcohol Intake

Limiting alcohol is also considered one of the best ways to fight jetlag. Air inside the flight cabin is already responsible for dehydrating the body moisture, alcohol consumption would add to this dehydrating effect causing you more uneasiness. The alcohol intake on the flight might tempt you but it would only exasperate the dehydration.

Adjust the Circadian Rhythm of Your Body

Circadian Rhythm is described as the biological cycle of human body which tells our bodies when to sleep, rise, eat, etc. So, adjusting your internal cycle or circadian rhythm according to the destination would definitely help to dodge jetlag. It is a smart move to avoid the uneasiness caused by jetlag.

Fly Overnight

Another way to evade jetlag is to fly overnight, this way you can have your dinner at regular times before getting on-board else you can prefer in-flight dinner which will surely keep jetlag in check. Flying overnight will ensure your regular routine on your arrival to the destination.

Try Having Good Sleep on the Plane

Needless to mention that these long-run flights are tiring like hell, having a good & sound sleep during your flight will help you to beat the nauseous jetlag. Sleep prevents those queasy effects of jetlag. If you are lucky to get a comfortable seat in economy class or if you are first or business class traveler, then it would be easy for you to get a baby sleep. If you are unlucky that way then it is suggested to carry your own makeshift pillow that you can use it for leaning your head against the sidewall. Sleeping is important anyway to ditch jetlag.

Avoid Using Gadgets

Instead of sleeping, watching movie on-board will is not at all a good idea. It most often suggest to turn off your cell phone. Laptops and other electronic gadgets that you are used to using during your usual bedtime. There’s some rational explanation behind this theory, the blue-spectrum light which is emitted off your devices which keeps your brain cells and optical nerves active leading in the sleep delay. And as mentioned above, sleep is utmost important thing to avoid jetlag condition.

*Alternative (Consider Taking Melotonin)

If you are fine with taking any sort of drug to avoid jetlag condition, then melotonin can work for you. This is a nonprescription drug that uses a hormone to adjust the internal clock or circadian rhythm of human body. This could be an alternative for those of you who can prefer taking any sort of drug to evade jetlag.

The above mentioned tips are some of the ways to avoid or dodge jetlag condition that makes us nauseous after those long-run flights. Hope you find these methods helpful.


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