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Tourist Places in Bangalore

Top Tourist Places in Bangalore For Travelers

What is the first factor you remember when asked about Bangalore? Shall we not give the same answers? There was a time when the same city was known as the City with 100 lakes, and then it is known as the Garden City. Bengaluru or the Capital City of Karnataka is also known as the Silicon City. It also houses a high number of start-ups in comparison with other urban cities of Indian States. Do you know that there are places in Bangalore which as a traveler you will enjoy? In this article let us focus on the top tourist places in Bangalore for travelers.



If asked a General Knowledge question about some of the most visited places in Bangalore for a traveler, you will mention the Cubbon Park and Lalbagh Park. But do you know that there are other parks in Bangalore preferred by localities?

  1. Defense Colony Children’s Park

    Children’s Park

In recent times, every area of Bengaluru has a park with beautiful plants and flowers. You can visit the Defence Colony Children’s Park located in Indiranagar. It is a big park and has been well provided with rope bridge, rope swings, and badminton courts. You will feel the cover of lush green plants inside. If you are looking for a peaceful walk in Bangalore, then this is the place to beat the mad rush of crowds in the city. The Park is open at specific times in the morning and evening. So take care.

  1. Best Place To Go From Bangalore By Bike

    Bangalore By Bike

Okay, you have landed at Bangalore to spend 15 days from another State. But as fate and luck would have it, you have close friends in Bangalore. One of them has lent a bike and asked you to go around the city. So, you have the best options now after reading this article.

One fine day, you get up and want to take a road trip to be among the best places of Mother Nature. In this title, you gain information on the best places near Bangalore you can go for a bike ride.

  1. Madikeri


This hill station is one of the best picturesque places in Karnataka. Stay here for at least three days. The memories will live forever. You can find only greenery and vegetation all around. Best places to go -Attractions – Tala Cauvery, Elephant Dubare, Abbey Falls, Chingara Falls, Namdroling Monastery and Madikeri Fort.

The distance from Bengaluru is a mere 265 km.

  1. ShivanaSamudra Falls

    ShivanaSamudra Falls

Do you want bike travel for one day, and then come back to Bangalore? Then opt to go for Shivanasamudra Falls by bike. It is less than 140 km by bike. You can start early in the morning with a group of friends and reach the place. The water falls from a height of 320 feet and it flows via Karnataka thick forests.

  1. Hesarghatta Grasslands

    Hesarghatta Grasslands

If you want to go to lush green lands amidst the city of Bangalore, then the place is Hesarghatta. The distance is just 37 km and the scenery may remind you of a Bollywood film. Are you a couple who have come to this city? Then do not forget to visit Hesarghatta Lake. And Yes, there is also the Nrityagram Dance Village to pay a visit.

  1. Snow City

    Snow City

Have you come from an Indian State where the temperatures are very hot? Or a nation where the temperatures go above forty-degree centigrade? Then welcome to Bengaluru Snow City. You can experience the cold weather similar to Antarctica. Do not worry. You will be provided with snow boots and snow jackets. Do not forget to visit this place which is located opposite JC Tower, Bangalore.

  1. Parasailing


How will you feel if you see Bangalore city from the sky? Or in other words, bird’s view? Do not be surprised. You can make time for Parasailing near Jakkur Aerodrome. Go on the weekends.

  1. Manchanabele River Camp

    River Camp

Do you love to spend a night amidst a river? Then the best place is Manchanabele Arkavati. Go bike riding with a group of friends to this place situation 40 km from Bangalore. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of this place.

The other place to visit is the Bheemeshwari Night Camp. Try the adrenaline rush at this place. You can go for other activities such as rope walking, and fishing.

  1. World Trade Center

     Trade Center

There is another way by which you see the entire city of Bangalore at night time. Visit the High Ultra Lounge. The ambiance is just that. Great. This place is situated near Orion Mall.

  1. Jayanagar


Enough of visiting places by bike. Now let us go walking in the busy streets of Bangalore. Let us first go for Jayanagar.

This place is one of the best locations in Bangalore. Whether it is a weekday or weekend, you can always visit Jayanagar as it is a busy place complete with shops of many kinds. Are you interested to watch plays? Then you can visit Rangashankara.

Are you interested in sandwiches? Then do not forget to visit Hari Super Sandwich.

  1. Shopping


If you have come to Bengaluru and missed the shopping spree, then the trip will not be a memorable one. You can have the best shopping experience in the world if you go to places such as Chickpet, Malleshwaram, and Ramachandrapuram. Oh Yes, we forgot to tell about Commercial Street and Sunday Market. You can get the best products at throwaway prices.

  1. Ramachandrapuram


The nearest you can reach this place is by Metro train by getting down at Devaiah Park. If you want to buy clothes  (branded ones), mats, shirts, towels in bulk, then this is the place. But please note, that to do the bargain, you may have to speak the local language, and have plenty of patience.

  1. Malleshwaram 8th Cross


Do you want to buy and purchase items from a place with old buildings? Then Malleshwaram is the best place. From the best food eateries to handicrafts to every item,  Malleshwaram is a buyer’s paradise. The nearest Metro station is at Mantri Square.

  1. SP Road

    SP Road

Do you want to buy the best computers? Laptops? Electronic goods? Then the SP road is the best place in Bangalore. You can have every kind of electronic accessories. The nearest place you can down is at Metro Station near Majestic.

  1. JC Road for Automobile Parts

    JC Road

Have you come to Bangalore from another State of India by bike? Then please note that you can have the best budget shopping at JC road for vehicle accessories. The best way is to get in touch with second-hand bike dealers.


Mentioned in the article are some top tourist places in Bangalore for travelers. And we have one humble suggestion for you. Roam the places in the city by bike. Yes, you can face challenges such as traffic jams, but to be believed, they are only at some hours. The remaining hours you can roam around the city freely on a bike.

Now, if you are new to the city, it is necessary to keep the bike in top condition. So if your friend has lent a bike for roaming around the city, check if the vehicle is in perfect condition.  The best way is to give it the maintenance as per the requirement. And these days, you do not have to take the bike to the mechanic shop. You can download the app of the famous company providing home appliance services in Bangalore. These companies have reputed bike service companies in Bangalore who offer maintenance services at the customer’s doorstep. So, your friend can download the app, place a request, ask for the concerned bike mechanic to come to the place on the scheduled time and fix the repair.  The bike will be in top condition and you can roam the city on the vehicle like a free bird.

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