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Transportation Options for the Visitor In Dubai

Planning on going to Dubai, the jewel of the Middle East? It is a wonderful place with expansive modern architecture, beaches, desert safaris and an intriguing culture that is a mix of many to create one that is unique in every way. From having the highest building in the world Burj Khalifa to the first 7-star luxury hotel Burj Al Arab, Dubai has a lot to offer the visitor. Although a large number of tourists visit Dubai, there are some who fall in love with the place and usually spend an extended time there – especially those with deep pockets. Hence it is essential that in order to fully appreciate a certain place you need to know how to get around. We have compiled some travel options that you might wish to consider the next time you’re in Dubai.Like most modern metropolitan cities of the world,it provides various public and private transportation opportunities to its resident, tourists and visitors.

The Bus

There are 1500 buses that take you to different places in the city if you wish to take in the city as a local this is a good and cheap option. All you need is a Nol Card that you can use for travelling on the manybuses, metros and even taxis.

Travelling by Rail

Travelling by Rail

Another quicker way to get around town and to see the sites are the different metros and trams that run across Dubai. They are cheap, convenient and economical. Use a Nol card and get aunique view of the city from one of the most modern rail systems in the world.

The Taxi

Like a more personalized tour?You can opt for taxis to get around town, not as cheap as apublic transport optionbut it gives you a more private and convenient way to get around.

By Boat

By Boat Visitorin Dubai

Want to enjoy the city from the sea, you can opt for various ferries and local boats that run tours and yachts that can be rented out.

By Bicycle

If you’re an adventurer by spirit then you can also bike your way across the various landmarks, highways and buildings, truly interacting with the environment and even the people along the way. You can also bike in the desert on specially marked out paths. We suggest you do this during cooler seasons,not in summers.

By Car

By Car Visitorin Dubai

The most private and convenient method of travelling around the city is no doubt in a car. You can rent out the most exotic cars and 4x4s to truly have an exhilarating experience. If you have a close friend or relative in Dubai and you are from one of the country’s that are allowed a license exchange then you can drive a privately owned vehicle. If you’re there for an extended time you can also pay your friend to buy a car in his name and you can drive it for the duration you’re in Dubai. When it’s time for you to leave selling will not be a problem as there are companies that literally buy any car in minutes. Companies such as make it simple to sell cars at competitive prices so you’ll probably get most of the money you paid for the car back. Buying a car this way if you are eligible for the license exchange program is the most convenient and affordable way to travel in Dubai if you are there for an extended period of time on a visit visa.

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