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First of all, in buying a mattress, you have to ask yourself whether you like sleeping ‘hard’ or ‘soft.’Which mattress is right to put on the bed? Now let’s look at the advice to enter the furniture store to buy a mattress.

Things to know about buying a mattress

  1. If your mattress is an old mattress and has been used for a long time, then measure the size of the bed.
  2. Buy from the store with a description for you.
  3. The standard furniture store will have a place to sleep. To be able to know which mattress to buy, test out as many types of beds as you can. For women, it is recommended that if you go to buy a mattress you should wear pants for convenience.
  4. A spring mattress should not be shorter than six feet longer. Five to six thousand baht is a relatively cheap price for a bed of this size.

In case you need to bring up the floor, you should ask and inform the seller that it can fold at the time of moving as much as the shipping. The seller must know how to fold or bend the bed. If your bedroom is not too cramped and a buy for a new bed for two people, choose 6 feet over 5 feet, as you will be able to find more bedding and a difference of 5 feet and 6 feet. Well, very few major types of beds and mattresses are 6 -foot or even over 5 feet tall. As a result, go to Http://, where you can surely have the best deal.


All of your mattresses should be produced to remember details and warranty terms to be agreed by the warranty seal and date. These are not guaranteed but are only expected a few years and are for advertising only. Nowadays, the Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) is required to provide details of the materials used by the reseller to put on the bed.

  1. Prices with a warranty should be consistent. As you know, mattresses are purchased at a price that is not very high but is guaranteed to become higher. This year is awesome. Various symbols are currently attached to the mattress such as dust mites.
  2. The standard mattress is labeled with the number of the mattress. (This is a small sign attached to the mattress branding label) and must match the number on the warranty card.
  3. If you do not know the seller well enough to pay after transporting the mattress to your bedroom already because of the mattress,there may be a problem with the transportation. Important receipts should be kept in conjunction with the warranty.

Now I will point out the pros and cons of each type of mattress

The advantage is you can lift the mattress to the sun because the bed is divided into three parts. But be careful that you buy with a manufacturer that uses only 100% cotton, not garbage, fake cotton or other materials. And to prove the point, the Japanese silk will be more resistant to wrinkles. (Note Japanese silk is made with sequined and embroidered flowers within the fabric. The leather is a red flower, and it is hairy.) The mattress will be very genuine but will look very tight but the time to light. If you do not use a bed, do not recommend bed linen for three pieces because there is no bed edge.

Mattress Coconut Fiber Latex

The advantage is very inexpensive. Currently, this type of mattress is of three types. Mattress 1 system is pure coconut fiber. The advantage is to collapse. It is suitable for sleepers. The thickness is from 4 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. The coconut fiber is a full 8 inches thick enough for a spring mattress ever.


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