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Types of Car Insurance Coverage

When you purchase Asianlife car insurance policy, you would be faced with the choice of choosing a certain type of car insurance coverage that is fit for your car and lifestyle. If you are a brand new car owner or an experienced one with no car insurance, it would really help you if you understand the common types of car insurance coverage. A car is a sound investment but you should also accept that it can be vulnerable to damages or accidents.

Although the types of car insurance coverages listed here are some you can choose, you still have to understand how each type can benefit you. Read on below to know more!


Liability Coverage

It is mandated by the law that all car owners should get compulsory third-party liability insurance when they have registered their vehicles. This is an assurance that any third party will be insured in the event of an accident. This type of coverage can range up to Php 100,000 that can insure damages like bodily injury or death of any third party. The insurance company will pay the costs incurred in the efforts of discharging the insured from liability. 

It is also important that you know the limitations of this type of coverage. It would not cover loss or damages to property. This is something that you should know beforehand. 


Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive Car Insurance is a type of car insurance that can help your vehicle by a wide range of protection. This coverage works great for third-party, vandalism, theft, weather and natural calamities, animal damage, and even fire. 

This type of insurance coverage also has Php 100,000 limit that you can utilize as a comprehensive car insurance provider. The main difference that comprehensive coverage is that it is not a requirement or mandated by law. It would also help in securing financial security because this type of insurance coverage can help secure your car by performing car repairs and other concerns for those unfortunate incidents.


Third-Party Liability Insurance

Car accidents are something that people should always be mindful of. Even when the driver is very careful, he can be involved with car accidents. There can also be an accidental brush on another vehicle that is not the fault of either driver, this type of coverage can help in lessening costs and helping you avoid the hassle of finding resources for compensation. 


Medical Payments Coverage

Medical Payments Coverage will let you reimburse the medical expenses you would need once you have been involved in a collision or other types of accidents. Injuries sustained during the accident can be healed without the hassle of overthinking your medical expenses because of this type of coverage. Injuries related to the accident are nowhere near a driver’s checklist but once he knows how to secure a good insurance provider. Just ask those who have gone through with the purchase Asianlife car insurance policy.


Key Takeaway

Having an insurance provider can help you in the long-term. Owning a vehicle is one of the most exciting timelines but you should also remember that you should take care of your car the way you are going to take care of yourself. You are more than welcome to come back here to our site for your questions about Asianlife car insurance policy and let’s talk about how to keep you safe on the road.


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