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Types of services and products offered by travel agencies

Travel agencies in their digital and physical services are doubtless the most important link in the commercial supply chain of the tourism sector. It would be impossible to understand the growth of the influx of travelers in the world without them. In its simplest definition are the intermediaries between the client / traveler and the services and products offered in the required tourist destination.

Although travel agencies have not been exempt from technological progress and have been forced to evolve as travelers become more demanding and informed, they still represent a means of consultation when it comes to travel; whether through the internet, telephone, social networks or physically, A Travel Agency In Nagpur provide services and products that they make available to the client remain practically the same from their origin. It is worth mentioning that travel agencies do not own the services and products that we list below:


It refers to the place where a person stays during their trips and that serves as shelter, home, roof and / or resting space. Within this service we find: hotels, motels, inns, hostels, camps, condominiums, timeshares and private homes.


If you travel to places near the place of origin, it is very likely to take a bus, if you travel by sea, definitely a boat or cruise and if you are looking to reach places, for example, between two continents, the means of transport would be the plane. These are all types of transportation that a travel agency is able to achieve, encompassed in: maritime, air, rail, land.


Food may be included in the accommodation, otherwise, travel agencies may have contact with restaurants and it will be their job to recommend the traveler the ideal place. Included in these are: breakfasts, lunches, dinners (in different plans), lunches, or coffee breaks.


Since the traveler is not completely familiar with the destination visited, it is essential to have information regarding the transfers within it. Transfers are included in the city, between the hotel and the airport, wharves, ports and train stations.

Tourist circuits

It is the combination and interconnection of geographically separated destinations that, when grouped, constitute a unique offer of tourist services. They are organized excursions to different cities with regular departures that facilitate the preparation of itineraries for travelers. A tourist circuit begins and ends at the same point and does not pass twice through the same place.


They are organized and pre-established trips that include a tour of one or several cities, as well as various tourist services. They are sold at a fixed price and usually include transportation, lodging, meals and visits to tourist attractions.

Tourist packages

Set of two or more tourist services demanded by the client. It can be transfer + accommodation, meals + tourist attractions, city visits + accommodation, etc. By purchasing them together, the price can be cheaper.

Cruise service

In itself, it’s a kind of tourist package. They are trips on sea, normally within a territorial zone (several countries) on board a cruise with all the necessary services to stay inside it (lodging, food and attractions). During the tour you stay for periods of time in ports within the tourist destination visited so that the traveler has the possibility to get off and know if it is to your liking.

Tour guide

Staff with professional knowledge of two or more languages, as well as tourist places. Their services are generally integrated to excursions, tourist circuits, conventions, congresses, etc., although they can also be requested in isolation, in the case of packages, individual or business trips.

Travel insurance

It is a kind of contract in which the travel agency is obliged to cover the expenses in the event of an incident: from physical accidents, loss of luggage, health problems and loss of flight. They are a way to provide security to the client.

Visas and permits

They are services that are processed to enter other countries. Although these types of services are handled directly by foreign affairs secretaries or international consulates, travel agencies can be a means of information and communication link to obtain them more immediately.

Congresses, seminars and conventions

Events in which travel agencies can intervene from the organization and coordination of tourist services, such as transportation, lodging, meals and rent of salons to the sale and offering of tours in or near the town where they will take place said events.

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