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Travel Packing Checklist

The Ultimate USA Travel Packing Checklist

Traveling to any company can be challenging—particularly when it comes to the things that you should bring with you. For this particular trip, you will find great uses for the best travel wifi hotspot in the USA.

You will always want to be connected to the internet. Practically everything you need to know can be found there—and so a working portable internet connection is key.

That being said, that’s not the only thing that’s essential for travel. Make sure that you’re prepared for travel in the USA by having all of the necessities with you! Keep in mind that you don’t have to bring EVERY little thing, but you will have to bring a handful (or a bagful) of items in order to stay quite comfortable as you travel all around.

Here’s a detailed checklist of the things that you should have with you as you travel around the United States of America.

Money, Visas, and Legal Documents

The first thing that you should always have at the ready is your legal documents. In recent times, the USA has become quite a strict country for foreigners to enter—even for vacations. So, it’s best to always be ready just in case a situation needs them.

Aside from that, you have to keep your money on you, always. As great of a reputation, the US has, there will always be some pickpockets in some places you visit so it’s still best for you to be careful.

Your wallet is fine as it is, but for the majority of your money should be hidden somewhere close to you—preferably on a money belt.

It’s only natural to bring these everywhere you go, but the real challenge is how you can keep them safe at all times. You never know when the next pickpocket goes and picks at your pockets, so have something that’s always attached to your bodies such as a small body bag or a money belt to keep these important things in.


Of course, the world we live in requires almost everyone to always have their smartphones with them. That or a tablet, a laptop, or basically anything that will let you connect to the internet.

For your travels, however, the least you can bring is just your smartphone—especially if you know it’s enough as a guide, an internet connection, and as a means to communicate. Be sure to buy an international sim card to use it in the USA.

Some headphones or earbuds are great for some of your downtimes, too. Especially during flights or road trips in busses. They might also be able to help you isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the busy and noisy cities.

Make sure to bring the charger for your phone and if you have one, a power bank. A lot of the times, your smartphone will be your lifeline—so it’s very important that it always powered on.

You can bring a camera with you especially if you want to take in the scenery. Some smartphones can be used for this as well so this one’s purely optional.

Lastly, remember to bring some plug adapters. Depending on where you’re from, you might be using different plugs from what’s available in the USA. Bring it just in case, anyway.

Clothes and Toiletries

Of course, you will have to bring some clothes on your journey. But if you’re from the Philippines, or anywhere tropical, you will want to go for your more cold-resistant apparel.

It’s way colder in the USA than in tropical countries, so be ready with your jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, and pants.

Be sure to bring clothes that look good on their own or when paired with your other clothes. That way, you’ll be spoiled for choice with the little that you bring.

Always bring breathable underwear. The kind that will be comfortable for you to wear outdoors as you’ll be moving all over when you’re touring an area. You should also bring a lot of socks—not just for walking about, but for keeping your feet nice and comfy.

Bring walking shoes if you’re just going to explore the city. Bring flipflops for the beach, and some dress shoes or heels if you plan on going on some hotspots in the city.

If you’re planning on going to the beach or the pool, bring a swimsuit with you. You might be able to use it for when you visit some rivers, lakes, and streams, too.

For toiletries here’s a short list that you should at least consider bringing:

  • Hygiene Kit – this would include all of your necessities: soap, shampoo, alcohol, hand sanitizers, and the rest of what you would always bring when you go out.
  • First-aid Kits – you’re in a foreign country, so chances are you won’t have anything with you that will help with hospital bills.
  • Medicine and Vitamins – if you have any ongoing medication, bring them aboard with you. Other than that, you should take in some vitamins because your body might have a hard time adapting to the new environment.
  • Towels – small towels or simple washcloths should always be in your bag for when you need it.
  • Wet wipes/moist towels – these are great for your long flights or situations where you really just need to freshen yourself up a bit.

Key Takeaway

Going to the USA can be very fun and exciting. Avoid the stresses of missing out on things or missing things in general by taking a look at this checklist of what you need. Also, don’t forget to find the best travel wifi hotspot in the USA so that you’ll always be connected with your family through the internet no matter where you are!

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