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The Unconscious Mind and the Role in Human Behavior

Sigmund Freud was first to discuss the unconscious mind and its role in human behavior. It is a thinker who helps us understand why our lives and relationships are full of so much confusion and pain. He tells us why life is hard, and how to cope. He claimed that the mind is like an iceberg, it consisted of three stages namely conscious, unconscious and the pre-conscious mind.

Freud always believed that there are three levels of consciousness namely,

  • The unconscious mind which exists in outside of your awareness at all times. Its existence is authentic and plays a massive part in your overall behavior. But, you know what, the unconscious mind plays the most critical role in our lives.
  • Preconscious mind which includes all the information that you are not aware of but that can be recalled. He described it as a storage, of which you are aware of its existence. You can willingly draw information from it. However, it is not always at the front of your mind, much like a storage cupboard where you keep your precious things and secrets.
  • The conscious mind is your current present state of awareness. In this stage of mind, it can be information in your head or knowing that you are aware of an item in front of you. It is the stage in which you are thinking presently.

For example, Stacy is a girl who lives with her dad. Her dad abandoned her in her middle age of which he used to live on her own with one of her friends. One day Stacy was sitting in a park watching a man of his generation. He was playing cricket. As she was continuously seeing him, suddenly he also made eye contact with her. Due to which they became good friends. This is a perfect example of the conscious mind. Stacy is presently aware of the handsome man and is thinking of all the fun activities she’d like to do with him. Now, all she has to do is do is how to get home, that information is stored in her pre-conscious mind, then she can spend some more time with that handsome man. She successfully manages to bring that man home, and they have fun. But wait, you might be wondering why our friend Stacy is so over-friendly and becomes so close so fast? According to Mr. Freud, this is all part of the unconscious mind. You see because her father abandoned her in such a small age, Stacy wanted to seek revenge and as a result she hangouts with many many men. Though she is not conscious of it, unconscious mind has played a significant role in how she acts. Just like the old ice-berg thing remember?

Many such people out there are mentally ill and don’t have friends to talk with. There are many such institutions and organizations which organizes classes and lectures in which they are given a chance to speak about themselves and to explore the world by generating happy thoughts. There are many such institutions of which Landmark is famous for their course of Landmark Forum.

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