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Unique Hotel Experiences That Are Worth the Money

Unique Hotel Experiences That Are Worth the Money

Whether you are staying in one of the many amazing 5 Star Hotels in Manila or anywhere else in Southeast Asia or even the world, there truly is nothing quite like enjoying the joyful splendors and ecstatic backdrops of being in a top-notch holiday hotel with all the opulent necessitates and elegant touches of comfort.

But if you feel more inclined to experiencing accommodations that lean towards the quirkier side, there are many stunning and totally unique hotels round the world that are very much worth every penny.

Let’s check out and do a little exploration of the world’s most fantastically crazy yet absolutely chic hotel experiences:

Sun Cruise Resort – Donghae, South Korea

If ever you are a person that constantly falls victim to the perils of seasickness but still feel that deep burning desire to enjoy a good cruise, South Korea’s Sun Cruise Resort is definitely right up your alley. It is the first and probably the only luxury cruise ship that is literally on land! You get the full world class luxury cruise line experience on land while still having incomparable views of the ocean.

Inntel Hotel – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Upon your first and initial look, the Inntel Hotel takes form as a group of houses that are uniformly stacked on each other. Inspired by the facades of traditional Dutch design, the lodging illustrates the customary locales of the Zaan region of the Netherlands. The 70 stacked house also have in them indoor swimming pools, a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath, and even a tropical rain shower!

Treehotel – Harads, Sweden

Nestled within the pine wood that encompass the Harads region of Sweden, is a boutique hotel that is definitely a must-visit for those that are complete and avid lovers of mother nature and all her miracles. Treehotel features quite the chic décor along with eco-friendly rooms that have very large-sized beds in them. The many ‘treerooms’ basically appear in the shape of a glass lodge, bird’s nest, reflective mirrorcube, and also a UFO that feels like you’re in a science fiction film!

The Dog Bark Park Inn – Idaho, USA

This immensely popular hotel in Idaho is a fantastic haven for dog lovers all over the world. The place itself is located within a 30-foot beagle which was names ‘Sweet Willy’ by the local residents. It also goes without saying that the hotel itself is pet-friendly and even accommodates for your own pups. Although this establishment is pretty much in a Bed and Breakfast style size and layout, this canine joint is still unique as its own attraction, found nowhere else in the entire world.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel – Kyoto, Japan

This place should definitely be avoided by people who suffer from intense claustrophobia, but perhaps maybe ideal for those looking to overcome this! Based on the name itself, you are going to find yourself in spaceship like interiors complete with capsule beds.

Key Takeaway

5 Star Hotels in Manila, America, Europe, and as well as all across the world are great places to vacation in. If you’re looking for a wild adventure, you can check out one of the mentioned establishments listed above!


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