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Using Sydney as a Travel Base

Using Sydney as a Travel Base

Sydney is the cultural center of Australia. From the sights and sounds of the busy CBD to the natural beauty of its majestic harbour, Sydney is an ideal vacation spot in its own right. However, if you have a desire to see more of the country, but only can afford short stay accommodation, don’t be discouraged. Sydney is an ideal travel base from which you can take excursions into other cities and regions in Australia.

Here are some reasons why Sydney is the perfect travel base for your Australian vacation:


Sydney, being such a large city, is a hub of travel and transit, both domestically and internationally. This makes it an ideally-suited place to travel from. From Sydney, you can charter a bus or a boat to take you just about anywhere. Furthermore, it is home to numerous air and rail lines that make getting around the country a snap. Anywhere you want to go in Australia, Sydney can accommodate you with its numerous transportation options.



As a home base, Sydney is unparalleled, due to its location and the ample opportunities to explore. Part of this has to do with its abundant nightlife and attractions. A travel base isn’t someplace for you to just rest your head. Between trips to the Outback and Sydney, you can take some time to relax and enjoy some world class entertaining and dining. With all the running around, you are going to need a place to recharge your batteries between trips. And Sydney is an ideal place to put your feet up.



There are a lot of people coming and going in Sydney. Furthermore, its status as a travel hub makes Sydney well suited to be incorporated in many people’s travel schedules. Even if you didn’t intend to make Sydney your travel base, the odds are, it will simply be because so much traffic comes into the city. This means it is full of services that cater to small trips, and enables you to easily and quickly transfer from place to place, or from accommodation to accommodation.



Big cities are generally assumed to be pricey, and that holds true in Sydney, if you only consider lodging and shopping. However, the same cannot be said about traveling through Sydney. The proximity of so many means of transportation enables you to cut costs.

Instead of having to be ferried from your hostel in Sydney to your chartered bus or boat, you can literally walk the distance, because everything is so compact and adjacent in the CBD. You can board a cruise at Circular Quay, catch a train to Newcastle, or take a short 15-minute ride to the domestic and international airport.

As a travel hub, Sydney can provide numerous benefits. So if you plan to tour around Australia, make plans to set up camp in Sydney first, so you have a base from which to plan your many excursions.


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